Shandong issued opinions to accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting industry

Shandong Knowledge on Accelerating the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Industry

First, fully understand the importance of accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting industry

Semiconductor lighting technology has the characteristics of high technology content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, and broad market prospects. Vigorously promoting semiconductor lighting technology can not only save a lot of energy, but also greatly reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of economic development, and enhance the province's sustainable development capabilities. At the same time, the semiconductor lighting industry has a high degree of industrial relevance, and has a strong pulling effect on new lighting, lighting, advertising, display, circuit, packaging, new materials, equipment oxygen production and other industries, which can drive the upstream and downstream electronic information associated with it. Industrial development. Accelerating the development of the semiconductor lighting industry with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance for cultivating new economic growth points, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, promoting sustainable economic and social development, and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

The province's semiconductor lighting industry has a good foundation, and its research and development capabilities are in the leading position in the country. Some products have reached the international advanced level, and the development of the semiconductor lighting industry has certain technical advantages. However, on the whole, the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in our province is relatively slow, and there is still a certain gap compared with the advanced regions. All levels and departments should further improve their ideological understanding, adjust their development ideas, and place the semiconductor lighting industry in an important strategic position to accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry.

Second, accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry's guiding ideology and development goals

(1) Guiding ideology. Conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, guided by the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the ninth Party Congress of the province, and in accordance with the principle of "leading, chain extension, industrial agglomeration, and industrial use", the province's research and development in the semiconductor lighting industry will be brought into play. And the advantages of production, with independent innovation as the driving force, with key enterprises as the leader, based on the advantages of the field, with clustering, scale, and industrialization as the development direction, consolidate the foundation, clear the bottleneck, improve the industrial chain, and promote semiconductor lighting. Promote the application of technology, cultivate a group of internationally competitive semiconductor lighting enterprise groups, and build a number of semiconductor lighting industry bases with high technology standards, large industrial scale, strong supporting capabilities and obvious regional characteristics.

(2) Development goals. Strive to reach the world's advanced and domestic leading level in technology research and development and industrialization in the field of semiconductor lighting upstream industries such as power SiC substrate materials, LEDs and LD epitaxial wafers in 2010; in the midstream industry such as die oxygenation and device packaging. In the field, we will cultivate more than 5 large-scale production enterprises, and the industrial scale will reach the forefront of the country. In the downstream industries such as applied products, we will cultivate more than 100 enterprises above designated size and 20 enterprises with sales revenues exceeding 100 million yuan; the independent innovation capability is significantly enhanced. Construction of 10 provincial-level enterprise technology development centers, 3-5 state-level enterprise technology development centers, 2 engineering research centers or engineering laboratories; promotion of compound single crystal, shell frame, encapsulating materials, phosphor powder, chemical reagents, Laser crystal, solid laser oxygen production and other related oxygen industry development, forming a complete semiconductor lighting industry chain.

By 2015, we will achieve more new breakthroughs in key technologies of the industry, form a relatively complete high-end industrial chain and innovation chain, build a technology research and development platform with international standards, master a batch of core technologies, and cultivate a group of companies with international competitiveness. To build an important research and development and production oxygen production base for China's semiconductor lighting industry.

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