Seoul Semiconductor Acriche Anniversary Customer Feedback

Acriche is the world's first new semiconductor environmentally friendly lighting technology

The latest Acriche module lighting technology, brightness up to 200 lumens

Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. [stock listing number: KOSDAQ 046890], the world's eight largest light-emitting diode (LED) environmental lighting technology manufacturers on November 16 grandly celebrate the first anniversary of its main product Acriche, especially in November From the 16th to the end of this year, we will offer a 60% to 30% discount to support our customers' support for Acriche in the past year. Seoul Semiconductor also plans a series of celebrations to accelerate the pace of Acriche's business development.

First introduced to the market in November 2006, Acriche is the world's first new semiconductor lighting technology that can be directly applied to home and office AC electrical plugs (100-110 volts / 220-230 volts) without converters. Acriche is a patented lighting product from Seoul Semiconductor that is different from LED products commonly used in DC. Acriche's superior environmental lighting technology was selected as the best product of 2006 by Elektronik, the leading European electronic magazine.

Since its launch in November 2006, Acriche has been used worldwide. To date, approximately 340 盏 Acriche street lights have been responsible for illuminating the Korean coastal roads; street lighting in parts of Europe has also been driven by Acriche products. Applying Acriche's innovative technology to general lighting, such as light bulbs and tabletop lamps, has also brought many changes to the lighting market; Acriche's economic benefits have also led to its widespread adoption in the LED lighting market.

With the increasing demand for Acriche's innovative semiconductor lighting technology, Seoul Semiconductor is using this as a cornerstone and plans to expand Acriche's applications to architectural lighting, advertising light box lighting and general residential lighting. Yang-hee Han, vice president of marketing for Seoul Semiconductors, said: 'Because Acriche can be directly used for the characteristics of AC electrical plugs, it has become the main brand of Seoul Semiconductor. For the past 100 years, we have relied on Edison's invention; in the next millennium, we have to look at Acriche'.

Seoul Semiconductor recently introduced the latest Acriche module lighting technology with brightness up to 200 lumens. The new Acriche modules are sold in a single emitter mode, eliminating the need for a printed circuit board (heatsink PCB), greatly expanding Acriche's range of applications and improving printed circuit board and array emitter design. Flexibility. In addition, the new Acriche modules with improved technology can also be used in the case of four watts of high watts. Based on the innovative features of Acriche, Seoul Semiconductor has a positive response to its customers around the world. Seoul Semiconductor is now planning to increase the current brightness of Acriche 60 lumens per watt to 80 lumens per watt in the fourth quarter of 2007, with 250 lumens per module; up to 120 lumens per watt and 400 before the end of 2008 Lumen, and expect to replace the world's $100 billion in lighting

South Korea's coastal 340 盏 Acriche street light Toronto Central District China 埠 LED Christmas lights (Figure) NLIGHT acquisition of special fiber optic factory LIEKKI New York Times Square celebration Yves ball using LED global semiconductor capacity increased by 16.3% over the same period last year Seoul Semiconductor in the US LED factory, Japan, infringement, Singapore, Orchard Road, Saturday, Christmas lighting ceremony

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