Sensor network China industry standards and platform standards introduced

U.S. MEAS (Quality Electronics) is a professional company that designs, manufactures, and markets sensor and sensor applications. In MEAS's wide range of sensor product series, there are many new micro-sensors based on MEMS technology. They cover a wide range of test fields such as pressure, acceleration, temperature and humidity, and magnetoresistive displacement, as well as comprehensive miniaturization for various industrial applications. sensor.

The United States MEAS also attaches great importance to the field of wireless sensors, and has established a dedicated business unit and R&D center. The first generation of pressure, temperature, and humidity wireless sensors on the US and European markets have been adopted in important industrial fields. The company is independently researching and developing chip-level low-power solutions, which will surely occupy a considerable market share in the emerging but increasingly popular international and domestic wireless sensor fields.

With regard to the emerging Internet of Things (sensor network), we are very much looking forward to the introduction of China's industry standards and platform standards, as well as market analysis of popular sensing applications in various application areas. In particular, we look forward to the launch of the Ping An home sensor network platform and home medical monitoring network platform. MEAS's world-leading piezoelectric film sensor production technology and application-oriented research and development capabilities will have a lot of exciting play in these areas. Such as the company's unique piezoelectric film passive cable is now used for long-distance monitoring, and in the car seat safety system for judging the presence of unmanned and static heavy objects, can also be used for home area boundary monitoring, is characterized by It can reflect the abnormal vibration in the entire boundary area in real time without power consumption. The wristband type pulse measurement sensor being developed will be a popular application of piezoelectric film in medical monitoring. All of these will be very popular on the standard Internet of Things (sensor network) platform.