Samsung Launches VR Education Eduthon in Germany!

If you want people to experience experiences that are unlikely to come into contact with them, VR is undoubtedly a good choice. Samsung Germany and German textbook publisher Cornelsen have reached a cooperation agreement to push this concept into the classroom.

The two companies recently demonstrated a VR education system called VR Eduthon. The project is designed for students in grades 7 and 9 and currently covers biology classes. They hope to optimize their learning environment, and Samsung is also ensuring that teachers, e-learning method experts, and other experts participate in the design.

Samsung recently created a demo for users to experience on their own. The experience requires two users at the same time. One person uses a tablet and the other wears a Gear VR. Heads-up users will see the names of different organs around them. When they look at one of them, the head display will play an animation demo and basic information presentation so that the user can understand that when we eat, the organ will play What kind of role? At the same time, more information will be presented on another person's tablet.

We may not like to see someone's organs in VR, especially when eating. But Annatasia, a 10th grade student, did not think so. She said: “It is cool to learn biology through Gear VR and it is a new experience. I have never tried such things. I feel that learning is easier. It's more fun. The most important thing is that I can easily understand and remember this knowledge. I hope to use VR in class as soon as possible."

Both Samsung and Cornelsen stated that they are interested in continuing to cooperate and carry out other educational VR projects.

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