Samsung hardware coverage market segments

Samsung hardware coverage market segments The tech blog AllThingsD wrote today saying that Samsung has found a new way to convert its hardware advantage into the dominant position of the smart phone market, which is to lay out the market segments, such as the latest outdoor waterproof smart phone Galaxy S4. Active.

The following is the main content of the article:

Undeniably, Samsung still needs to improve on mobile phone software, but in terms of hardware, the Korean company seems to have had a complete plan.

The first step for Samsung is to cover almost all imaginable screen sizes for mobile phones, tablets, and tablet phones. If the smart phone business is a game of chess, then Samsung has actually been covered with chess pieces on the board.

With the completion of this step, the company is entering a completely new phase, that is, launching products for each segment of the market.

Its latest action is the release of the Galaxy S4 Active smartphone for outdoor enthusiasts on Wednesday. The dustproof and waterproof version of the Galaxy S4 will be available this summer and will be the first to land in the United States and Sweden.

Although not a truly ruggedized device, the Galaxy S4 Active offers a choice of users who want a bit more protection, without sacrificing device capabilities and without having to add additional protective accessories to the phone.

However, Samsung’s efforts are not limited to this, it is rumored that it will launch the smart phone Galaxy S4 that dominates the shooting function. The company will also display new products at its June 20 conference in London.

In terms of tablet PCs, Samsung has now introduced a variety of size options for its standard models and digital pen models. The company also tried to apply Android to new device categories such as the Galaxy Camera camera.

These actions appear to be achieving results. In terms of mobile phones, data from market research firm Gartner shows that Samsung’s global mobile phone market share in the first quarter was as high as 30.8%, up from 27.6% in the same period last year.

Software will surely become more and more important. In the long term, software alone may not allow Samsung to maintain its dominant market position. Therefore, the company is investing heavily in various software projects, incubators and its Knox security projects for large companies.

However, in the short term, Samsung's "carpet bombardment" to the market will still cause great pressure on competitors, especially HTC, Sony and other companies.

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