Russia's Optogan plans to launch LED bulbs for 30 euros

Optogan, a Russian-based manufacturer of LED chips, components and lamps, has introduced an LED light bulb that replaces 60 W incandescent bulbs in the home market.

The E27 bulb was originally sold in St. Petersburg and Moscow and was priced at 995 roubles (about 33 US dollars). Optogan said it plans to release the product globally at a price of 30 euros in early 2012. The main characteristic parameters of the E27 bulb include 720 lumens of light flow, 11W of power consumption and 3050 K of color temperature.

Optogan pointed out that the E27 bulb has a power efficiency of 65 lm/W and a color rendering index of 80. The performance of this product is comparable to other LED bulbs, and the price is very competitive.

E27 is an art by Optogan and Moscow. Lebedev studio co-design. Optogan President Maxim Odnoblyudov said: "E27 is the result of the joint efforts of Europe's leading scientists and Russia's leading design studios with cutting-edge technology and creative development."

He said: "Optogan's manufacturing structure ensures that we can control the quality of the entire production process from chip manufacturing to packaging to finished assembly."

Optogan hopes that the demand for LED lighting products will start from industrial and office applications, lighting products will work longer in these places, and retail applications are expected to begin in 2013.

Optogan will launch a $13 40W replacement bulb in mid-2012 and will launch a lower-priced 60W replacement lamp by the end of next year. Ove Sörensen, Optogan's director of international sales, said: "At the end of 2012, we hope to provide our end customers with a 60W replacement bulb with a target price of around $15."

In addition, Optogan is working on a 75W replacement bulb, which is expected to be launched in the middle of next year.