Ronda's LED lighting revenue exceeded 40% and is expected to be listed before the end of September.

[High-tech LED News] AUO Group's Lunda Electronics has increased its market share in LED lighting, accounting for 40% of its revenue. Together with the LED backlight, the revenue in August reached 880 million yuan. The monthly growth rate reached 16.5%, and Ronda is expected to be listed before the end of September.

In addition, Ronda recently released the latest JEL801 specification GX16 connector lamp has received large orders from Japan, and has begun to ship. In the lighting market, LED fluorescent tubes account for a large number of shipments, and monthly shipments have reached 20~30. Ten thousand.

Electric Linear Actuator for Machinery, Agriculture Machine, Construction Equipment, Vehicles , Ships, etc.

This series Linear Actuator is compact, quiet and powerful. It is designed to fit in an area specifically requiring a right angle motor and can be equipped with a Hall sensor for feedback. Industry certifications for the linear actuator include IEC60601-1, ES60601-1 and RoHS. In addition, thees products are available with an optional IP54 or 66 rating.

Industry Actuator

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