Risks in the automotive crowdfunding industry will accelerate exposure

At the same time as the online loan cooled, the auto crowdfunding industry ushered in explosive growth. It is no accident that the two sub-sectors of Internet finance are moving apart. In fact, with the tightening of the supervision of the online loan industry, the auto crowdfunding industry has become a transformational export of many platforms. In the opinion of analysts, the industry is facing the same situation as the online loan industry in the previous two years. The lack of supervision and the unevenness of the platform will accelerate the exposure of the industry as the problem platform continues to emerge.

Since the beginning of this year, especially after entering the third quarter, the auto crowdfunding industry has ushered in a round of surges from both new platforms and fundraising. On November 7th, the “2016 October Crowdfunding Industry Report” released by the online loan house and Yingcan Consulting showed that the overall fundraising of crowdfunding in October surged, and the history exceeded RMB 2 billion for the first time in a single month.

The car crowdfunding model appeared in the beginning of 2015. With the development of car crowdfunding business on some network platforms such as Rongcha.com, it has risen rapidly and attracted a large number of platforms. According to the incomplete statistics of Yingcan Consulting, in the first three quarters of this year, there were 73 new auto-funding platforms in China, which is 5.2 times of the number of new auto-funding platforms in the whole year of last year; among them, 48 were added in the third quarter. In October of this year, the number of new car crowdfunding platforms was as high as 43, far exceeding other months.

From the perspective of business scope and business model, car crowdfunding has new car crowdfunding, car rental crowdfunding, second-hand car crowdfunding, etc., the most popular of which is second-hand car crowdfunding. Used car crowdfunding is "a partnership to buy and sell used cars for profit." The specific mode of operation is to raise netizens' funds first, and then use these funds to buy used cars and sell them. The difference is deducted according to the investment ratio of the investors, and the platform collects a certain management fee.

Chen Tong, a researcher at Yingcan Consulting Industry, said that the industry is developing rapidly, with many reasons such as supply and demand and supervision. In terms of market demand, traditional second-hand car dealers have higher comprehensive operating costs such as labor, rent, vehicle maintenance and capital, and need more channels to effectively reduce inventory pressure, and second-hand car dealers must also obtain financing from banks. quite difficult.

The transformation of the online lending platform is also one of the reasons for the surge in the industry. It is understood that the first domestic second-hand car crowdfunding platform "melting car network" is born out of the P2P platform "small business loans." These two platforms are also affiliated to Zhonghai Chuangfu (Shandong) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. According to reports, the small business loan has not issued a new standard since November last year. The platform customer service announced that the small business loan has been liquidated, and the company has opened a new car network platform. At present, the small business loan platform has been unable to open.

Xue Hongyan, a senior researcher at the Suning Financial Research Institute, said that the speed of the establishment of the auto crowdfunding platform has accelerated significantly in the third quarter of this year. An important reason is that after the introduction of the Interim Measures for the Management of Online Lending Information Intermediary Business Activities in August this year, the P2P platform was launched. The compliance threshold has been greatly improved, and many platforms are facing the transformation demands of P2P. In contrast, physical crowdfunding is not in the consolidation of Internet finance, and auto trading has broad market prospects and imagination, becoming the ideal transformation goal of various Internet financial institutions.

Chen Hao also pointed out that there are indeed many car crowdfunding platforms from the transformation of P2P online lending platform. After all, the P2P online lending policy is too strict, which is not conducive to its own development. The field of auto crowdfunding is still blank. However, there are more changes from the used car trading platform, the competition in the field of used car trading platform is too fierce, and there is not much innovation, facing the development bottleneck.

As a practitioner in the crowdfunding industry, Zhao Wei, CEO of the company, added that the development of auto crowdfunding is not only closely related to the prosperity of the domestic used car market, but also because of its barriers to entry, property rights definition, value assessment, and procedures. In addition, the short-term investment cycle of automobile crowdfunding and the annualized rate of return are generally high, which has become the most important driving force for its rapid development.

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