Red, green and blue TVs have a color temperature of 2500K CRI greater than 80 LEDs

Shenzhen Red Green Blu-ray Company successfully launched a color temperature of 2450~2650K CRI greater than 80 LED products.

This color temperature segment LED is packaged by red, green and blue patented stent product 3629 (patent number.6), and CREE chip, named STPX-3629KB. This product is consistent with the traditional candle light, suitable for more casual leisure places and bedrooms.

Control way-APP

The light color, brightness, cycle mode and timing can be controlled by App.The App are developed on the most advanced Bluetooth Mesh technology. [LinkupHome" App can be downloaded in the App store or Google Player, then you can control our product without any complicated steps. The App is stable, easy control and multifunctional.

 App Control InterfaceApp Control Interface1


Smart down light with both warm light and RGB colorful light, it can meet the daily lighting and ambient lighting, high efficiency and energy saving, light source is stable and without strobe. Three color temperatures can be choosed for white lighting, 3000K, 4000K and 65000K. The color, brightness and RGB lighting auto-cycle mode can be controlled on the App. Three sizes of down lights for customer`s choice, small , middle and big sizes can meet different requirements, and the installation is very easy.

Product Parameters

Lamp Power: 9W
Working Voltage: AC110-240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Lumen: 805LM
Color: RGB+CCT
Protocol: Bluetooth Mesh
Wireless Transmission: 20m

Dimension: Î¦143mm


The advantages of Bluetooth Mesh are fast connect, low power consumption, no password required and Ad-Hoc Network. No need WIFI and hubs, as long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone, you can experience the smart light. When you install several smart down lights, the self-organizing network function can make the signals free connect, break the limitation of distance.

 Blutooth Mesh

Big Size Downlight

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