Pulsed sodium lamp

Since the conventional high-pressure sodium lamp has a weak point of color rendering (usually Ra of only 20) and a low color temperature (only 2000K), although its luminous efficiency is very high, its application range is still limited. In order to expand the application field of high-pressure sodium lamps and meet the needs of different users, OSRAM first introduced the pulsed sodium lamp light source system (OSRAM CITYLIGHT(r)DS system) in 1993, because the system continues to maintain the long life of high-pressure sodium lamps. In addition to the characteristics of high light efficiency, it also significantly improves the color and color rendering, making the application of sodium lamps more extensive. The pulsed sodium lamp source system uses pulsed electronic operation to change the color rendering and color temperature of the lamp. By changing the frequency to control the pulse form of the pulsed electronic ballast, the high frequency chromatogram and the color table are dramatically changed, resulting in an average temperature along the discharge axis that is much higher than the operating temperature at 50 Hz, resulting in a higher color temperature. White color table and better color rendering. Compared with traditional sodium lamps and high-efficiency super sodium lamps, the system has the following advantages: no mercury, good for environmental protection; 50% higher than high-pressure mercury lamps, 67 lumens per watt (lm); adjustable low brightness to maximum 50% of luminous flux; attractive to insects 90% smaller than high-pressure mercury lamps, beneficial to ecological protection; with electronic ballasts, can produce efficient and economical white light (color temperature is 2800K); with high-pressure mercury lamps blue, high-pressure sodium lamps Compared with the yellowish light, the light color is more pleasing; the transparent bulb DS-T: bright and pleasing; the powdered bulb DS-E: no glare, warm color; due to the longer life, the actual use cost is lower than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp Compared with standard sodium lamp and super sodium lamp, it has better color rendering (CRI can reach up to 60); it is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration and artistic lighting with strict requirements on light and color performance. Excerpt from Consumer Daily, July 4, 2001