Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS

Model NO.: GL-MD15KVA-01
Usage: Single-phase Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, Combined Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer
Frequency Characteristics: Low Frequency
Shape of Core: EI
Brand: Gldy
Model: Gl-MD15kVA-01
Humidity: <95%
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Ambient Temperature: 0°c-40°c
Transport Package: Wooden
Origin: Dongguan
Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS
Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS

The main technical parameters

1. Output voltage accuracy: ±3%
2. Output waveform distortion: no distortion (compared with the input waveform)
3. Insulation class: H class
4. Efficiency: more than 90%
5. Frequency: 50~60Hz
6. Number of phases: 3Φ3W, 2Φ2W
7. Capacity: 0.5KVA-300KVA
8. Primary voltage: 600V or less (can be customized)
9. Secondary voltage: 600V or less (can be customized)
10. Model: GL-MD15KVA-01
11. Ambient temperature: 0°C-40°C
12. Humidity: <95%
13. Altitude: Elevation <2000 meters
14. Cooling method: dry fan self-cooling

Main use and application scope
    The UPS is a power supply device that converts the DC output from the battery into AC continuous power when the normal AC power supply is interrupted.
Due to various defects in the grid voltage, such as sudden voltage changes and frequency oscillations, the use of UPS becomes very necessary.
Its application range is also more extensive, UPS is widely used in information, communications, power, finance, government, manufacturing, transportation
Transportation, medical students, public safety and many other fields. UPS is often used with isolation transformers during installation because UPS
Although powerful, there are, after all, shortcomings, and the isolation transformer's function just complements it. Isolation transformers and
When used with a UPS, the UPS can be installed in different locations and play different roles. In general, it extends the functionality of the UPS.
Improve the reliability of the UPS system.

UPS transformer features:
1. The inner core adopts high quality silicon silicon steel, the main material is H18, H14, H12, Z11, We choose the most suitable material to meet customer requirements and conditions of use, and design the transformer performance to be the best.

2. The internal insulation material adopts high-quality and environment-friendly DMS composite material, which has high-temperature insulation, flame retardant, and moisture resistance;
NOMEX paper can also be used according to customer requirements.
3. Reasonable design, low voltage change rate, long-term full load use.

Product name Power
A B C(max) D(max) E(max) F(size)
GL-KD0.1KVA-01 0.1 80 70 100 100 120 6*10
GL-KD0.2KVA-01 0.2 88 85 110 110 130 6*10
GL-KD0.5KVA-01 0.5 110 110 140 150 150 6*10
GL-KD1KVA-01 1 135 105 170 160 180 6*10
GL-KD1.5KVA-01 1.5 158 130 200 180 240 6*10
GL-KD2KVA-01 2 158 150 200 200 240 8*12
GL-KD3KVA-01 3 190 130 230 210 270 8*12
GL-KD4KVA-01 4 190 150 230 230 270 8*12
GL-KD5KVA-01 5 190 170 230 250 270 8*12

Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS

Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS
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Power Transformer 150KVA for UPS


1.The payment term: We accept TT,30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of BL.
2.The delivery time: Usually it will take about 5-10 days.