PC+TV: TV industry is the right way to PC

Sell ​​TV or sell computers? Can TV call TV afterwards? The original concept of clear vision is now blurred. At the IT Leaders Summit held in Shenzhen on Monday, entrepreneurs in Shenzhen have already created a pie for the outside world. How the domestic television industry accelerates IT development has become a common problem for all brand manufacturers. The original competitive situation in the industry in Shenzhen has suddenly become irresistible.

In the industry's view, many PC companies try to make televisions and TV industry tries to enter PCs. For more than ten years, PC companies have not done a good job of televisions. The TV industry has not done a good job for the PC. This has become an industry. The "Achilles heel". But later, the so-called PCTV industry was replaced by a new company and it was Apple.

“We did PCs 13 years ago. At the time, we saw this trend. We were a bit early.” Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group, frankly stated that the PC business was shut down four years ago, but the PC business was resumed last year, but it was not a tradition. The PC, made of tablet computers, changed the product form. Why do you want to do it now? In fact, the environment is changing.

Li Dongsheng is more respected for the Apple model. He believes that “Apple not only designed a product, but also more importantly built the business model and the industrial chain more clearly. In this regard, Apple has given us a lesson for consumer electronics manufacturers.”

He reminded the industry that PCTV and TV PC are also good, and the key is to do a good job in product technology research and development, but also to do a good job in the entire industry form and business model. If this industry chain can be built well, and every link of the industry chain can play a role, now it is a very good opportunity to call Smart TV. "If you ask TV PC or PCTV again, I think it should be TV PC because the TV attribute of this product is more clear. In fact, smart TV already has the main elements of TV PC, and it has an electronic computer-enabled content in TV. , And developed a lot of applications for television screens." He believes that such a product in the future it can bring opportunities and value to the entire industry will not be lower than the iPhone, iPad.

Li Dongsheng's argument that "the value of TV PC will not be lower than the iPhone" is obviously being hailed. Zhang Xuebin, chairman of Skyworth, another color TV giant in Shenzhen, is optimistic about the Internet. At the meeting, he believed that 3D TV and Internet TV will become standard in the future. Zhang Xuebin said that Skyworth started to get involved in 2007 and encountered many difficulties in the middle. With the development of technology, the improvement of broadband and the clearness of national policies, Internet TV will have a good future. Sun Dongwen, the deputy general manager of Skyworth, also said in a high-profile manner yesterday that in the future, TV will be more tested by hardware than hardware. In his opinion, television or computer has been unclear.

According to Mu Gang, vice president of Konka, who has been promoting the concept of intelligence, smart TV is a great opportunity to help China's color TV industry upgrade to the high-end of the industry chain. This is also a key battle for the real transformation of China's color TV companies. Manufacturers should focus on breakthroughs in smart technology and gradually change the concept of people's consumption of television programs.

The topic of PCTV has attracted the attention of the industry. As one of the representative brands of PC, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing’s viewpoint in Shenzhen is also worth pondering. Yang Yuanqing said that even Apple did not expect the result of such an innovative product to bring a new technological architecture and a new business model. Apple has created a brand-new business model through A ppStore. Under this business model, based on their application platform for innovative application development, it is easier to build their own application model. It is based on this advantage that whether it is based on Apple's A ppStore or A ndroid-based application platform in a short period of time focused on a lot of applications, this may be something that can be done in 30 years.