Passed Wii successor named "Stream"

It has been reported that the new host may be named "Stream" to highlight the ability of the device to remotely transfer game images to the handle (display).

Moreover, there are rumors that the device can virtualize multiple independent game processes and distribute them to different handles - which means that multiple players can play their games on multiple handles, just one host.

IGN sources said that the equipment will be shipped by Foxconn in October. Theoretically, Renshi's new mainframe can be released as early as mid-October or early November - but there are concerns that Nintendo will adjourn the release date to accommodate the development of supporting software and, by the way, accumulate enough inventory. It is believed that early 2012 is an ideal schedule.

As for the specifications of the new host, IGN's informant confirmed that the device has a built-in custom version of the IBM PowerPC triple-core processor, which constitutes an Xbox 360-like processor but has a higher clock speed; the GPU is a modified AMD R700 without Fusion. technology.

The new console looks close to the old Xbox 360 and is a bit like a trendy version of the SNES. The new handle has a 6.2-inch display with dual analog sticks and eight buttons.

Kotaku's informant said that the new handles on the inlay display only represent one game mode, and some games use similar devices such as Wii somatosensory handles. It is unclear whether the new host is compatible with the existing Wii controllers or whether it is designed with a new somatosensory handle.