Osram: System integrators make LED networks even more powerful

LED Light for You network for superior professionalism and better service

The LED Light for You (LLFY) network, in addition to its original partners from the optical, thermal management and electronics (OTE) network, is now more involved with system integrators. The system integrators act as a professional bridge between the client and the OTE experts. They are both the customer's liaison and the OTE experts to coordinate. The system integrators combine the experts in the three fields according to the specific needs and provide comprehensive support to the general users when necessary until the project is completed.

For end users, with the concept of a system integration team, end users can more easily apply groundbreaking LED technology to a variety of lighting solutions. As a “single customer window,” the system integrator is the interface between the customer and the application. They focus on the needs of their customers and combine the right partners in optics, thermal management and electronics to achieve the desired results. As long as the customer requests, the system integrator can coordinate all activities to complete the project.

Sebastian Lyschick, LLFY project manager at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Germany, stated: "Our network can provide the same source of integrity for a wide range of target customers, such as architects, lighting manufacturers and anyone interested in LED technology. Solution. The system integrators serve as a bridge between LED users and OTE experts to coordinate the entire project or plan work at all levels."

A wide range of lighting solutions are available to professional system integrators, including architectural applications, signboard industry applications and LED lighting design. In the construction sector, for example, lighting planners play the role of system integrators. Of the 80 active LLFY partners in the world, 13 are system integrators.

The concept of system integrators improves the service quality of LLFY networks and increases customer satisfaction. In the contending LED market, the network provides clear guidelines for supporting potential users of LED technology and assisting them in finding professional partners to complete partial and complete projects. Osram grants certification to LLFY partners in accordance with strict quality standards.

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