Osram's integrated lens infrared Dragon LED is released

On May 7, 2010, the new infrared LED SFH 4236 uses an integrated lens that is more than three times more powerful than the standard infrared Dragon LED SFH 4232. This new component is powerful and compact, bringing the renowned infrared Dragon LED family to the next level. The integrated lens concentrates the emitted infrared light in a positive/negative 20 degree viewing angle, achieving a typical radiant intensity of 650 mW/sr at a direct current of 1 A. The new infrared Dragon LED occupies minimal board space and is ideal for narrow beam radiation.

So far, it has been possible to achieve a narrow beam angle only by using an external lens. The SFH 4236 breaks through this tradition, providing not only higher radiation intensity, but also integrated lenses, eliminating the need for complex, expensive external lens assemblies. Harry Feltges, Marketing Manager, Infrared Components, Osram Opto Semiconductors Germany, points out that the concept of automotive lighting applications runs through the design of the new SFH 4236. As a result, the SFH 4236 is 35% smaller than traditional Dragon solutions that require an external lens. The SFH 4236 has the same package size as other infrared Dragon components, so it can directly replace similar components in existing designs. In addition, it has the same electrical parameters as standard infrared Dragon LEDs and is also suitable for reflow soldering processes.

With an emission wavelength of 850 nm, this infrared LED perfectly balances the maximum spectral sensitivity and visually suppressed visibility of CCD and CMOS cameras. Ideal applications include camera vision systems for the industrial and security industries, as well as automotive applications such as passenger and passenger monitoring systems for car and trucks and blind spot detection systems.

The infrared Dragon LED family with an emission wavelength of 850 nm includes SFH4232 (standard version), SFH4235 (stacked version, total radiant flux is twice the standard version) and the latest SFH4236 (with integrated lens version).


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