Online shopping lamps are popular after-sales service is the key

Online shopping lamps are popular Decorations, owners often gather enough patience and wisdom, in order to decorate their own small home into an ideal paradise. With the popularization of the Internet, consumers have more channels to choose lamps, and purchases are more extensive. Local lighting stores also welcome more competition.

Online shopping lights are popular The current Qingyuan home lighting industry is fiercely competitive, in addition to the traditional sales model, lighting online shopping is also emerging. "To shop for products, consumers, at least 4 of the 10 customers are copying models." A Qingyuan lighting owner complained to reporters that their market cake is experiencing network marketing segmentation.

Numerous factors indicate that the Internet is not only becoming a medium that affects people's lifestyle, but will even change the market behavior of the entire manufacturing industry, such as promotion and sales. The rapid growth of online shopping also provides a new possibility for the entire industry's sales channels. In order to help consumers to save more energy and reduce the waste of resources that may be caused in the shopping process, some home building materials brands have also launched their own online shopping platforms. Consumers log on to these network platforms and complete a series of operations such as placing orders and making deposits with just a click of the mouse.

This kind of online sales model has also been favored by certain businesses. "The area and capacity of physical stores are limited, and businesses in different stores will also place different styles of products, which is very troublesome to choose. In contrast, online shopping malls There are more varieties that can be accommodated and it is more convenient to select and contrast them."

Online shopping lighting can save 4 to 60% in the modern busy urban life, more and more owners began to choose "online shopping" decoration materials. When you click the mouse at home and place an order online, there will be staff sending tiles, bathroom accessories, electrical appliances and other decoration materials to the door. Even the price is generally lower than the market price.

Open a professional lighting network, the reporter saw that the store operated by the lighting by the living room lights, restaurant lights, bedroom lights, study lights, kitchen lights, staircase lights, aisle lights, etc. are divided into several categories, each major category by brand , price, material, style, etc.

In addition, each lighting is equipped with real shot pictures, and details of the product name, model, size, material, style, market price, sales price, etc. are listed below the picture. Take a contemporary style crystal chandeliers of type YMT6287-3 as an example, the market reference price is 590 yuan, and the online promotional price is only 300 yuan.

“Online lighting can save about 40% to 60% of the cost.” Some insiders told the author that in order to allow more people to accept this marketing model, they use low prices to attract customers.

In addition, online shopping platform can also provide professional design, at the same time, according to the owner's budget, develop a corresponding package program. For example, a three-bedroom two-room lighting budget is 3,000 yuan, the online shopping platform will be based on real estate photos provided by the owners, a combination of living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and other full range of lighting products, reach the most within the budget Good accessories and lighting effects.

The price of lamps is the most important factor in determining the purchase behavior of most consumers. In economic theory, price is the only factor that regulates the balance between supply and demand. It is the most important factor in the purchase decision of any product. In addition, there are still 31% of consumers choose the brand as the primary factor in determining the purchase behavior. In recent years, with the continuous efforts of leading companies in the industry, the trend of the transition from the industry brand to the popular brand has become increasingly clear. It should be noted that although consumers have rational price demands, they also have irrational emotional appeals.

Risk remains the most critical after-sales service According to industry analysts, with the home building materials online shopping market gradually become larger, the market has also begun to appear in response to the lack of after-sales service, market confusion, cottage clustering phenomenon. According to surveys, nearly 40% of consumers said they are not satisfied with the online shopping service of home building materials.

“The style of lighting or the appearance of products has been updated very quickly. For those lighting fixtures that emphasize decoration and artistry, more consumers will choose online shopping.” Miss Yu Yanfei, head of Qingpu’s Qingyuan agent, said that although online shopping has a certain price advantage, In terms of after-sale protection and logistics and distribution, traditional physical stores are still highly skilled.

On the other hand, online shopping home products are prone to a series of problems such as large differences in photos and physical colors, inconsistent physical materials and online descriptions, inconsistent styles and pictures, and damage during distribution. Since it cannot be seen with the eyes, touched by hands, or smelled with the nose like the furniture in the store, it is difficult to guarantee the color, material, and environmental performance of the home building materials.

Many buyers said that online shopping is best to have a physical store for reference, which is relatively easy to accept. "There is a physical store support, and you can pick and choose the lights for free, then write down the models and go back and trade online. This way saves time and you can choose carefully and buy your own pleasing lamps." Say.

The industry insiders who manage the purchase of home building materials have explained this phenomenon. The current after-sales service of online shopping home appliances can only reach the most basic return, warranty and other guarantees. For the more formal online shopping businesses, the product after-sales service, product distribution and other issues have been delayed, has become a bottleneck in the development of this emerging field. Therefore, the grafting of outlets and physical stores will become a new outlet for online sales.