NVC lighting bases will be shut down by the government or will come out

After the conditions proposed by the workers were not approved by the capitalists, the employees of NVC Lighting Headquarters, Huizhou Base, Wanzhou Base and other places began to carry out large-scale shutdowns.

At the base of NVC Lighting, the Huizhou base in Guangdong, the staff of NVC Lighting walked out of the workshop early in the morning, gathered in the industrial park, raised the banner, saying that they would not return to work if they did not agree with the workers' requirements.

At the NVC headquarters, employees even shot the banner "Schneider rolled out of NVC."

According to insiders, early today, less than 8 o'clock, NVC Lighting CEO Zhang Kaipeng has already arrived at the NVC headquarters office, but Zhang Kapeng has not yet appeared, and no member of the board has come forward to appease. Subsequently, the staff began to petition the local government, saying that the government is the owner of NVC.

At the end of May, when Wu Changjiang resigned, he went to the NVC lighting Huizhou base for investigation. At that time, many workers reported that the factory had not many orders, and there was less overtime, and the corresponding salary was not high.

In addition to Wu Changjiang’s own great appeal within NVC Lighting, dissatisfaction with wages may have contributed to the incident.

In an interview with the reporter of "Daily Economic News", Zhang Xiaofei, dean of the High-tech LED Research Institute, believes that it is irrational to raise the contradiction between shareholders to the suspension of the entire company. The further expansion of the situation will exacerbate the company's turmoil.

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