Nuvoton Technology Introduces 3 High-Quality AB Class Power Amplifiers

Nuvoton Technology Co., Ltd. introduced three new products of the emPowerAudio series - ISD810X audio amplifier series ISD8101, ISD8102, ISD8104. The ISD810X is a class AB amplifier capable of driving resistive speakers up to 2Wrms output power.

The ISD810X amplifier features include current limiting, extremely low standby current and excellent pop-and-click cancellation.

The ISD810X can accept single-ended or differential inputs. Its internal resistance setting device has a gain of 20dB, and the resistor can be externally connected to reduce the gain. In addition, the use of external resistors and external capacitors enables simple filtering. In addition, the ISD810X has a quick start facility, which is suitable for rapid reaction of the microcontroller.

The ISD810X amplifier delivers high-quality and high-fidelity sounds - with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 100dB and a total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1% @ 0.8W with a 5V supply. The ISD810X can operate from 2V to 6.8V. The power supply can be supplied from Li-Ion batteries or from Alkaline 2 to No. 4 batteries.

The ISD810X requires only low standby current and operates at low currents, which greatly reduces power consumption and extends battery life, so the ISD810X amplifier is ideal for toys and portable devices.

The ISD8101 can output 1.5Wrms power when driving an 8Ω load speaker, with an operating voltage range of 2.4V to 6.8V. In addition, the ISD8101 accepts single-ended/differential inputs.

The ISD8102 can output 2Wrms of power with a 4Ω load speaker operating from 2V to 6.8V. In addition, the ISD8102 provides Single-Ended/Bridge (SE/BTL) output. This feature can be used in the headphone detection mode.

The ISD8104 can output 2Wrms with a 4Ω load speaker and operates from 2V to 6.8V. In addition, the ISD8104 accepts single-ended/differential inputs.

Marketability and Pricing The ISD8101 offers 8-Pin SOP (with or without thermal film) seals. Samples and evaluation boards are available now. Pricing is $0.30 (5Kpcs per pack).

ISD8102 / ISD8104 provides 8-Pin SOP (with heat sink) seal. Samples and evaluation boards are available now. Pricing is $0.50 (5Kpcs per pack).