Nokia must hold high the banner of difference

ABI Research, a market research organization, said that in 2010, the global smartphone shipments increased from 177 million in 2009 to 302 million, with a growth rate of 71%. At the same time, the leading mobile phone maker Nokia The market share dropped from 39% to 33%, and the market share of mobile phone vendors using the Android platform increased from 4% to 24%.

With the rise of the Android platform, many mobile phone manufacturers have increased their share in the smart phone market in 2010; however, Nokia has ignored the advantage of Intel’s MeeGo platform and Google’s Android platform and decided to join with Microsoft. Windows mobile operating system.

"Motorola has fully supported the Android platform; while other competitors have joined the Android ecosystem, Motorola hopes to be able to name commercial Android devices." ABI senior analyst Michael Morgan said: "Samsung (Samsung) It is hoped that by supporting both Bada and the Android platform, its functional mobile customers will be pulled into the smart phone market; Nokia is also starting to abandon the strategy of using proprietary operating systems."

Morgam pointed out that although the mobile phone manufacturers that chose to invest in the Android camp have achieved success, their future development depends on the range of related products and the strategy of communication service providers. For many people, Android mobile phones are increasingly performing with mobile communications. Service providers are closely related.

"The enhancement of the Android-specific products of mobile phone manufacturers has not yet established clear differences in the minds of consumers; if smart phone manufacturers use Android as a key platform, they must have meaningful innovations, otherwise there will be products that are ignored by consumers. Risk." Morgam thinks.

ABI also predicted that Android mobile phone suppliers will continue to erode the Nokia market; Nokia does not choose Android or there are some advantages, because it can make Nokia products and home Android products are different, this is the other mobile phone The goal that the manufacturer can't succeed so far. However, ABI also stressed that Nokia must establish a positive attitude towards the differentiation of its own products.