National Automobile Lighting HID Professional Committee Work Regulations (Draft)

The National Automotive Lighting HID Professional Committee (hereinafter referred to as the HID Professional Committee) is a professional organization directly under the National Automobile Products Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federation). Its members are composed of enterprises specializing in the production, sales and modification of HID related products for automotive lighting and HID related technical research units.

Its members have dual membership of the Federation, no need to repeat the payment, membership management is under the jurisdiction of the Federation Secretariat. The HID Professional Committee follows the requirements of the Federation's articles of association and aims to serve the member units. It aims to promote the development of the industry. While safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the members, it assists the government in doing industry norms and market management, uniting, helping, and Guide member units to improve product quality and service levels, and promote technological progress and market prosperity.

The organizational structure of the HID Professional Committee is divided into three levels, namely, ordinary member units, governing units and standing director units. The governing units and standing director units are mainly produced by domestic famous HID related products for automotive lighting, and world famous automotive lighting HID related products. The brand agent and HID related technology research organization, the ordinary member unit is composed of domestic auto lighting HID related products professional sellers or service providers. The governing unit of the HID Professional Committee shall be voluntarily applied by the enterprise and reported to the Federation for review and determination. The standing director unit is recommended by the board of directors or the federation. The decision-making body of the HID Professional Committee is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets once a year. The Board of Directors performs the duties of the Board of Directors during the intersessional period. The Standing Council sets up market working groups and expert working groups according to the needs of the work, and specifically implements the work decided by the board of directors. The market working group is composed of business management or market leaders; professional work consists of industry experts or corporate technology leaders. The market working group is responsible for HID industry management and market specification work; the technical working group is responsible for HID standard management and technical certification.

The HID Professional Committee's work policy is: fair, just and open. The HID Professional Committee's work objectives are: sharing, progress, and win-win.

The HID Professional Committee's work focuses on: setting industry standards, maintaining market order, and establishing good industry norms and market management mechanisms. Specifically include:

1. Establish and improve the HID product quality standard system.

2. Establish and improve the HID product quality reporting system.

3. Establish and improve the quality supervision and management mechanism of HID products.

The main areas of work of the HID Professional Committee include:

1. Organize industry training, technical consultation, information exchange, exhibition and investment promotion, and product promotion activities;

2. Participate in government decision-making arguments on industry development, industry reform, and industry interests, propose relevant economic policies and legislation, and participate in government-sponsored hearings related to the industry;

3. Representing industrial enterprises in the protection of intellectual property rights, anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, counter-subsidy, etc., or submitting investigation applications to the government;

4. Proposing the quality standards and industry standards of the industry in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and the regulations of the Chamber of Commerce;

5. Actively participate in the drafting and formulation of product standards for local or national industries;

6. In accordance with laws, regulations or legally accepted commissions, carry out industry statistics, industry surveys, release of industry information, public credit certificates, price coordination, industry access qualification qualification audits, etc.;

7. Guide and supervise member units to operate according to law;

8. Coordinating the relationship between members and members, members and non-members in the industry, members and other industry operators, consumers and other social organizations;

9. Conduct economic and technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, formulate competition rules, and organize professional competitions;

10. Organize the preparation of industry-related training materials, publish and publish group publications, organize professional qualification certification, and conduct vocational skills appraisal;

11. Conduct investigation, collection, collation and analysis of economic and technical data of the whole industry and publish it to the public on a regular basis. National Auto Accessories Industry Federation.