N-trig Announces Enhanced DuoSense® 4th Generation

21ic News N-trig has announced the launch of its fourth generation enhanced product line. The new product line includes an enhanced version of the DuoSense solution, a DuoSense active electronic pen with an advanced feature set, and a single-chip solution that runs on a variety of operating systems, including all Windows platforms and Android.

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Ronen Heldman, vice president of marketing, said, "N-trig will continue to invest in technology to provide unparalleled electronic pen and multi-touch performance, enabling OEMs to meet the market for thinner, lighter, smaller devices. Increasing demand. In addition, the precision and natural characteristics of the new electronic pen make the user feel very comfortable, just like writing on paper."

Enhanced DuoSense Solution The enhanced DuoSense solution is fully compatible with the Windows 8 operating system, providing more powerful processing power and supporting up to 10 fingers of input for simultaneous interaction between the electronic pen and multi-touch. The enhanced DuoSense also supports a variety of sensor designs and technologies, including the 0.55mm Single Glass Solution (OGS), Photoinduced Electron Transfer (PET) based sensors, Glass Film/Film (GFF) and Glass Film ( G1F). In addition, the improved feature set will help OEMs meet the rapidly growing demand for electronic pens and multi-touch solutions with faster response times, more precision and higher touch screen sensitivity.

Single chip electronic pen and touch solution
N-trig also offers an innovative single-chip solution for the DuoSense product line. The DS-P4096 is the first product on the market to support both the electronic pen and touch input of mobile computing devices, making it easier to integrate and offering the flexibility of a thinner, more streamlined computing design. It also supports chip-on-flex, in which the chip is mounted directly and electronically connected to the soft board without the need for a controller. It supports up to 11.6-inch screens and supports up to 17-inch screens with the addition of the DuoSense analog chip.

DuoSense electronic pen with new feature set
N-trig's new upgraded active electronic pen makes the screen electronic ink input as natural as writing on paper, with fully customizable electronic pen ID and features, including interchangeable tips and side button options. The active electronic pen is intuitive and easy to use, expanding the range of mobile computing applications, providing students with a versatile computing device that draws, sketches, notes, collaborates with friends and teachers, and directly on e-textbooks. The ideal tool for doing homework.

Li-Ion Battery With Smbus refers to the battery datas can be collect through equipments based on SMBUS data communication, it usually applied to the military grade battery which need higher safety level protection .but as these battery have SMBUS inside ,it also should meet these requirements as :

1.The rated voltage is high (the operating voltage of the unit is 3.7v or 3.2v), which is about equal to the series voltage of three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen charging batteries, so as to form the battery power supply group

2.The self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most prominent advantages of the battery. At present, it can reach less than 1% per month, less than 1/20 of the nickel hydrogen battery.

14.8V Li-ion Battery With SMBUS

Items                                  specification

Charge voltage  :                   16.8V

Nominal voltage :                   14.8V  (4S4P)

Initial impedance :                   200mΩ

Nominal capacity:                    10.4Ah

Minimum capacity :                  10.0Ah

Communication methods :        SMBUS data communication

Charge current : Standard Charging::0.5C5A (5.20A

                                Rapid charge 1.0C5A C(10.4A) Max

Standard Charging method:  5.20A(0.5C5A) CC(constant current)charge to 16.8V,then CV(constant voltage 16.8V)charge till charge current decline to ≤104mA(≈0.01C5A)

Charging time: Standard Charging:4.5hours(Ref.)

             Rapid charge:   2.5 hours(Ref.)

Max.discharge current: 10.4A(1.0C5A)

Discharge cut-off voltage: 11.0V

Shelf life:  2 years

Cycle life (0.2C5A/0.2C5A) : 500 times,≧80%DOD; 500 times,≧80%DOD


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