Mobile phone equipped with camera module to increase the proportion of mobile phone Flash LED demand

With the increase in the proportion of mobile phone-equipped camera modules and the increase in the mainstream graphics of the camera to 8 million, the demand for Flash LEDs has increased significantly. According to research institutions, the Flash LED category has exceeded 1 billion in 2011, and this year’s demand is expected. It has reached 1.2 billion, an annual increase of 20%, and the total output value is about 680 million US dollars.

The above research institutes say that about 80% of mobile phones are equipped with camera modules. Although not every mobile phone camera is equipped with LED fill light, the camera pixels have been upgraded from 300,000 pixels to 5 million pixels, and now the mainstream 8 million pixels. As well as continuing to advance to more than 10 million pixels in 2013, this demand for Flash LEDs is much higher than that of traditional LED backlight products.

In the past, although the keyboard backlight used in traditional mobile phones is also an LED product, the penetration rate of the smart phone has been improved, and the operation interface has been gradually changed to the touch panel. On the other hand, the high-powered fill light/flash flash LED has grown dramatically with the help of smart phones.

Looking forward to 2013, mobile phones are the first to use LED backlight technology and the penetration rate is the fastest. Under the premise of thin and light, the keyboard backlight and camera flash also use LED as the light source.

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