Mini Current Transformer for Measuring

Model NO.: CT-010
Range of Application: Power Measurement
Packaging Form: Epoxy Resin Inductance
Brand: Simonsen123
Inductor Value: Fixed Inductor
Trademark: Simonsen123
Transport Package: Carton
Origin: Shenzhe, China
HS Code: 9030841000
Mini Current Transformer for Measuring

1. Product Type: Voltage Transformer
    1.1  Model NO:simonsen123   PT-010-1.0/1.0
    1.2  Installation:  horizontal installation

2. Feature
    2.1  Application: electronic energy meter, instrument, current sensor, PDU, switch power,                     induction cooker.
    2.2  Phase: single or three
    2.3  Usage: measurement
    2.4  Insulating medium: epoxy resin
    2.5  Certification: RoHS, ISO 9001:2008


Mini Current Transformer for Measuring

4. Character:
Model NO Rated Input Current Turns Ratio Rated Output Current Load Resistor Out voltage Accuracy Permissible Error Phase Angle Error Max Current
PT-010-1.0/1.0 2.0mA/2.0mA 1500:1500 0~2mA 10Ω 200mV 0.1% -0.05% 8' 2mA
PT-010-1.5/1.5 10mA/10mA 1500:1500 0~10mA 10Ω 100mV 0.05% -0.02% 6' 10mA

5. Security Parameters :
     5.1  Isolation Voltage: Primary Winding and Secondary Winding:4KV/2mA/60Sec;
     5.2  Insulation Conductor:≥500MΩ /500V DC;
     5.3  Inflaming Retarding: up to the standard of UL94-V0; environmental protection meets the              muster of ROHS and pass the test of SGS ROHS;
     5.4  Operating Temperature: -40ºC~+85ºC  Humidity ≤95%;
     5.5  Frequency Range: 1KHZ~70KHZ

6. Schematic

Mini Current Transformer for Measuring