Miner's lamp with "long eyes"

A mine explosion-proof LED lighting lamp integrating illumination and camera has been successfully developed in Shijiazhuang Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. The illuminating lamp installs the LED lamp and the camera in the same explosion-proof casing, realizes the integration of camera and illumination, and is known as the "long-eye" miner's lamp. The lighting effect and imaging quality are good, the installation is convenient, and the manufacturing cost is low.
According to reports, remote online monitoring is achieved by remotely installing the camera on the fuselage, requiring downhole lighting to achieve a certain level of illumination. In the prior art, the mine explosion-proof LED lighting and the mine explosion-proof camera each have a cumbersome flameproof housing, and each requires an independent power supply circuit, and both are installed under the mine. Heavy-duty mobile devices require a lot of installation space, because of their large size and complicated wiring, it is very difficult to install, and the captured image is not ideal.
In order to overcome the above deficiencies, the scientific and technical personnel of Shimei Machinery Company repeatedly researched and developed the mine explosion-proof LED lighting with camera. They installed the light source module, camera and power conversion circuit in an explosion-proof housing. The camera is installed in the hollow part of the light source module. The light source module and camera are connected to the power conversion circuit to enhance the use of the light source module. life. The light source module is placed around the camera to make the illumination direction and the camera direction consistent, which ensures that the illuminance of the image to be captured reaches the brightness requirement of the image acquisition of the camera, and the image clarity is improved. Recently, the lighting has been granted a national utility model patent.

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