Millet box speed Raiders: home Wi-Fi signal stronger method!

Now people have Wi-Fi in their homes, but if they are slow, they will have headaches. In addition to the slow network speed itself, there are also factors that affect speed.

Wi-Fi is transmitted with short waves, so the coverage can be very small. If you are too far away from the router, the signal becomes weak.

In fact, a router can only reach a distance of about 46 meters at the furthest distance. If the router is placed in the corner of the room, the effect at the corner of the other end is not ideal. The walls and appliances in your home will also absorb Wi-Fi signals!

Ways to improve:

Improvement method one:

Place the router in an open space near the center of the house to send signals to every corner of the house

Improvement method two:

Put the router high. Because the material of the floor is easy to absorb Wi-Fi signals, and the router is sending signals, it is actually sent down.

Improvement method 3:

Keep the router away from home appliances because almost all products that use electricity interfere with Wi-Fi signals

Improvement method four:

Set the antenna's angle to a vertical, horizontal level. Because the antenna inside the electronic device is parallel to the antenna of the router, the receiving effect is best. And usually the notebook's antenna is horizontal, mobile phones and tablet computers are based on the direction of use, when you turn the router antenna into a different direction, it is easier to adapt to various needs.

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