Meizhou Rainbow Bridge Night Lighting Design

In the painting of Kedu Mountain City,
Yin Namei water breeding dragon;
In order to view the beautiful moon palace,
Suspected DeLong Rainbow. ---------------------------- There is a night view of Delong Bridge.

The nighttime landscape lighting on both sides of the Meizhou River has added a splendid color to the Meizhou Meizhou, showing its unique cultural connotation and charm, and also offering a gift to the Fourth World Hakka Folk Song Culture Festival.

In order to strengthen Meizhou's "China's Excellent Tourism City" and "National Garden City" brand, and create a beautiful urban landscape environment, the construction of the night lighting on both sides of the Meizhou Bridge to the Xiulan Bridge section, including the main buildings and bridges in Meizhou City, The lighting of roads, plazas, parks, green spaces, etc. is illuminated, and the project has a total length of 12.6 kilometers. It includes the landscape lighting of the main buildings along the banks of the Meijiang Bridge to the Jiaying Bridge section and the Meizhou Bridge to Xiulan Bridge.

The main landscape nodes include Jiaying Bridge, Delong Bridge, Jianying Memorial Bridge, Dongshan Bridge, Pedestrian Floating Bridge, Xiulan Bridge, and such as the light corridor, Meijiang Park, Binjiang Park, river embankment, etc. The lights are colorful and projected. The scenes of different forms make the modern atmosphere and the Hakka culture shine together. The two sides of the river are like dresses. The guest city is particularly enchanting and well received by the public.

In order to build the project into a real bright spot project and a popular project, and to provide a beautiful "slow life" environment for the general public, we have conducted a detailed survey and analysis of the building structure of Delong Bridge, and feel that it is a good expression of "the sky." The realm of the rainbow must be modified by the "miscellaneous pieces" under the bridge. The piers and extension structures under the bridge have an impediment to the visual beauty. Combined with the inspiration of the rainbow, the changing lights are used to express the unpredictability of nature. The recess is equipped with an LED wall washer, and the light is evenly irradiated in the recess to form a smooth surface. Due to the stable water level of the Meijiang River in the long years, the part below the pier is often exposed above the water level, and the surrounding wind speed is not large. In order to block the uncoordinated part, we adopt the performance method of water mist and running spring, which obscures the decoration. The part makes people feel the rainbow in the clouds, and the second is to increase the area of ​​the light receiving. This scene is supposed to be in the sky, and the wonderland of the rainbow is mortal.

In order to enhance the effect of large color blocks, we installed high-quality LED projection lamps under the nozzle of water mist, so that the combination of light and fog is perfect, the beauty of light and water is maximized, and the colorful night scene is changed. It also gave the bridge a new life.

Solution of technical problems:
1. Because the background color is vermilion, how to adjust the color to make it closer to nature.
2. Water pump and water spray system silencer treatment.
3. A reasonable configuration of the density of the fog and the illumination of the light.
4. Harp-like point source installation and easy-to-remove construction.

Real scene before construction