Looking at the development model of the electronics industry's investment in medical applications from Apple Watch

Apple Watch, which has been around for a long time, is not only the issue of whether wearable devices can become the next wave of killer apps in the industry, but Apple’s attempt to develop medical applications through wearable devices is also emerging. Most of the devices can only provide simple exercise and fitness applications. It is still unsuccessful for the medical field that enters the high threshold. However, through the layout of Apple's Apple Watch, we can still see the international manufacturers' intentions in medical applications. .

Observing Apple's development of new-style hardware products, it is equipped with an innovative application service platform and develops a soft and hard integrated service model. ..

As far as the hardware specifications of the Apple Watch are concerned, although the parties have already had a good evaluation, on the whole, the difference between the wearable products of other watch types currently on the market is still limited, and the more special part is only the inner contact skin. The surface light sensor adopts the green light LED light volume technology with high measurement accuracy. At present, the main application is the motion measurement record. It is estimated that the future may be further applied to health management functions such as emotions and pressure changes. Strictly speaking, from the hardware specifications, Apple Watch is not currently a medical product that can be used as a medical grade.

But if you jump away from the hardware specifications, and observe Apple's layout before the launch of Apple Watch, it can be seen that Apple has been working in the medical field for many years, although at this stage only the general-purpose consumer electronic terminal products such as Apple Watch or iPhone cut into health Management field, but the research application ResearchKit, which was published concurrently with Apple Watch, shows Apple's strategic intention to cut into the medical field through the exclusive application App. ResearchKit is a suite of collaborations between Apple and 12 research institutes, including leading medical academic and research institutions such as Oxford University and Stanford University, and has launched for breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, asthma and cardiovascular disease. Five applications are available.

At present, the five diseases that are preferentially introduced have several characteristics: 1. For chronic diseases that require long-term follow-up care, the living environment and living habits will affect the degree of disease deterioration, and the patient's self-management and tracking is particularly important; 2. The influence of genetic risk factors It is clear that relatives and families of patients are susceptible to the same disease and have a high risk group with a family history. There is a need for preventive long-term follow-up monitoring.

Medical institutions can develop dedicated applications through ResearchKit, and can attract potential research cases through Apple iTunes/App Store. One can use Apple ResearchKit to solve privacy and personal security concerns, and then Apple Watch Terminal devices such as the iPhone can instantly and actively collect personal physical or life information of users participating in medical research.

Through the combination of Apple Watch, iPhone and ResearchKit, users participating in relevant research projects will be able to record relevant physiological data more conveniently, which not only solves some of the limitations of medical institutions in medical research, but also makes Apple establishes a partnership with medical institutions.

Observing Apple's development of new-style hardware products, it is equipped with an innovative application service platform, and develops a soft and hard integrated service model. When the iPod is launched, the iTunes service platform is simultaneously developed, which enables Apple to create a new digital music. Business model; iPhone, with the App Store, provides a platform for third-party software developers to develop applications and subvert the traditional mobile phone operating model. When Apple Watch is launched, people may focus on product specifications, design, and complementary functions with mobile phones. However, observing Apple’s strategic intentions may not only limit Apple Watch to products complementary to iPhone, but may It is Apple's opportunity to enter another cross-industry integration. In terms of current development dynamics, deep integration with the medical industry may be one of its development orientations.

Since Apple announced that it will launch the Apple Watch wearables, it has joined the design team, including Michael O'Reilly, the vice president of medical affairs at Masimo, a non-invasive external blood oxygenation instrument. Ph.D., two biomedical PhDs: Dr. Stephen H. Friend, co-founder and Chairman of Sage Bionetworks, a non-profit biomedical research organization, and Dr. Dan Riskin, founder and CEO of medical technology startup Vanguard Medical Technologies. Although Apple Watch has not been directly imported into medical applications, it will increase the imagination of Apple Watch and Apple's future medical applications through research and development strategies such as ResearchKit.

Apple's practice of developing App applications through ResearchKit, coupled with the endorsement of authoritative medical institutions, may have the potential to make patients more willing to provide their own information, so that the disease can be more effectively monitored and more professionally assisted The organization accelerated the development of solutions. This cross-industry cooperation program is expected to effectively increase patient participation and even provide personal information on specific diseases for research through wearable devices such as Apple Watch.

At present, most of the electronics companies who are interested in cutting into the medical field are limited to sports and fitness management projects, and it is difficult to reach the real medical field. Apple uses wearable devices to assist medical research in the face of the problems faced in the study of diseases and new drugs, especially the difficulty of obtaining effective samples in clinical research. Apple has cut through medical research problems and provided assistance. It is expected to help the electronics industry, such as Apple, gain the trust of medical research institutions and enhance their willingness to cooperate in the future. For medical institutions, patients and electronics companies, there is an opportunity to create a win-win situation. This development model is worthy of further discussion and reference by other electronics companies interested in developing cross-disciplinary integration.

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