Lightning USB Flash Drive-Increase The capacity of your mobile phone

Lightning USB Flash Drive-You can Use This usb flash drive to Watch Movies or listen Music Anytime and Anywhere When you are Travel, Climbing,on the Train/Plane/Ship/Bus.This usb flash drive applies To All Equipment etc for ipad/tablet/iphone/Macbok/Android phone. Plug in the usb flash drive to take photos and videos, which can be saved directly to the usb flash drive without taking up the mobile phone space.Free up memory on your cellphone by moving files photos and videos to the usb flash drive, give your cellphone/tablet 2x to 4x extra storage space.This otg usb flash drive securely store and share digital contents such as movies, pictures, and music from your iPhone.You will never worry about the lack of space about your phone.

Otg Usb Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive