Lighting design of modern urban night scene

Journal of Chengdu University (Natural Science Edition) Lighting Design of Modern Urban Night Scenery Yuan Quanbao (Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Chengdu University, Chengdu 610106) The embodiment of social material civilization and spiritual civilization progress. Urban night lighting is not only to meet the single 1 lighting function, but also to consider its functionality, rationality, convenience, but also to consider the artistry, regionality and the "people-oriented" comfort for people. To create a harmonious night landscape and environment with the goal of “creating a comfortable environment”.

6: A 1 Foreword With the development of social modernization and the improvement of lighting technology, beautifying the city's night scene has become a new trend and development trend. A dark city with a black hole has become a historical past, and the city's bright or not bright has become one of the symbols of modern development. At present, a large number of new modern buildings have emerged in many modern cities in China, including hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, exhibition halls, theaters, bank buildings, and some buildings with special functions. These buildings have some kind of creativity and bold ideas, and become a masterpiece of technical knowledge and skills, and night lighting has become an integral part of its architectural technology.

Night lighting is the use of a variety of lighting devices, combined with electrical, electronic and micro-computer technology based on scientific and artistic light design and color composition principles, to create a visual art landscape in the city night, to beautify the artistic atmosphere of the city's night environment. This kind of rendering atmosphere, beautify the decorative lighting of the ring. It is a comprehensive reflection of the cultural literacy, scientific and technological level and economic strength of a region or unit. The night scene lighting reflects the characteristics of the night building by making full use of the light intensity and color matching, and reproduces the urban landscape at night by changing the brightness of the light and the color of the light, thus beautifying the city night scene and providing good for people. The nighttime entertainment environment makes the night city alive and well, and also stimulates commercial consumption, further promoting the development of the tourism industry.

2 Design steps of night lighting The urban night lighting consists of road lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and public places lighting (squares, gardens, cultural entertainment, sports facilities, leisure places, etc.). In order to create a comfortable night scene environment, we must first decide on the basic concept of overall lighting and local lighting. At the same time its necessary illumination. According to the purpose and the characteristics of each place, the light source is selected according to factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency, and life, and the appropriate lighting mode is selected according to different environments. Choose the appropriate light distribution according to the location and lighting purpose. At the same time, choose the shape of the lamp that matches the environment and lighting concept. After passing the above steps, it should be confirmed whether the compliance value meets the requirements.

3 Building night lighting considerations Lighting and lighting the building, not only can form a spectacular urban night scene, highlighting the ultimate urban night scene; and can highlight the three-dimensional and structural beauty of the building, making the city's night sky more charming and Features. Before lighting the building, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects: Because you need to set the projection angle and the location of the projection to make the subject clearer, you must determine the lighting method, brightness and the point of view of the illuminated part. Position; the brightness (brightness) of the projection illumination is determined by the background luminance, the size of the object, the distance from the viewpoint, etc. (see attached table); the lighting fixture should be installed in an inconspicuous place as much as possible, not for pedestrians and The actions of the person watching the building cause nuisance; the choice of the light source is very important to show the structural effects of the building. Factors such as the material and color of the building wall and the color of the light source used around it should be considered; (5) The number of lamps should be determined according to the height, width and installation position of the building.

Schedule: Recommended illumination of the building (CIEPublicationNo. Recommended illumination (LX) correction factor Illumination surface material around the brightness source type Dark and bright metal halide lamp High pressure sodium lamp NX and NH light bright stone, white marble ordinary stone, cement, light bright marble Dark stone, gray granitic, dark marble light yellow brick dark brown brick, pink granite red brick dark brick building concrete 4 design example 4.1 Building situation A comprehensive building is located in the bustling commercial district of the city center. The whole building group It faces the south and is located from the west to the east. It is a famous high-end commercial complex in the city. The whole building is divided into three parts: the east, the middle and the west. The main building is 15 stories high and the podium is four stories high.

4.2 Design Requirements The urban central area is an important gathering point for transportation networks, commercial areas, entertainment areas, administrative areas, etc. It is the center of people flow and logistics, and is a prosperous place for all kinds of information, culture, commerce, service and entertainment. Therefore, it must be considered. The personality of the city and the cultural characteristics of its region make a lighting scheme with personality and style. In the lighting design, from the overall consideration of the environment, we must highlight the bustling atmosphere of the commercial center, and create a safe and comfortable shopping environment; from the perspective of local effects, we should try to create a space scene full of personality and anger.

First of all, the design ideas of this program are carefully analyzed and controlled. The building complex of the complex building is large in volume and magnificent. The overall exterior wall of the building is mainly composed of large-scale gray-white imitation stone glazed bricks, with a small amount of blue-gray and red imitation stone glazed bricks, and it is located in the central city of the city. It is a commercial ship for large commercial, entertainment and hotel complexes.

Under normal circumstances, the central city should mainly adopt medium and high-power floodlights to properly improve the illumination of the building's lighting to ensure better results. Moreover, in order to avoid the overall color being too monotonous, in the design, special attention should be paid to the matching of the two main colors of yellow and white in accordance with the characteristics of the commercial area in terms of light color.

In order to fully highlight the three-dimensional sense of the building group, the illuminance of each area must pay attention to the moderate changes of strength and weakness, so as to avoid the ill-conceived effect of the far-sighted effect caused by the uniformity of illumination, especially for the top of the building complex. The styling must be focused on.

According to the characteristics of the building, the light stand is set at a fixed point on the ground to perform large-scale external lighting on the building. The design of the light stand should be simple and beautiful. The exterior wall of the building is mainly composed of large grayish white imitation stone glazed bricks with a small amount of blue-gray and red imitation stone glazed bricks. The illumination reflection coefficient of this type of building material is relatively high, but if the lamps and light sources are improperly selected, the gray-white imitation stone When the glazed brick is projected by white light, it will produce a bad effect of rigid, hard and blue. The lamps used in the design are all imported electrical appliances, and the metal halide lamps are all world-class European standard light sources, and the color reproduction is very good. Therefore, the lighting effect can be guaranteed after our scientific design and careful construction.

In order to further enhance the overall night lighting effect, the design considers setting a small number of "cosmic flowers" and "air cannons" on the top of the building complex.

Special dynamic effects such as lanterns, in order to make the combination of movement and static, to set off the commercial atmosphere.

Part of the design of the lighting control system must be based on the convenience of owner management, and can be controlled by automation and manual. And electronic automatic timing management on the management of the lighting opening period, before 9:00 pm (this is the assumed time, can also be adjusted according to the season, program and owner requirements) all lights on, 9:00 to 11:00 pm, only Turn on some of the top lights.

4.3 The specific design of the lighting of the complex building (according to the regional division) 4.3.1 East District Lighting The total height of the façade in this area is 64m. For the east and south facades and the podium of the first to fourth floors of the hotel entrance, a light stand is set on the ground. It is illuminated by a 250W high-pressure sodium lamp (light color is yellow) to brighten the podium facade and the cornice. And use the illuminating light of the luminaire and the internal light transmission of the high-illuminance of the large-scale hall adjacent to the glass curtain wall to show the affinity of the building to the crowd.

5th to 13th floors, 1000W metal halide lamp (light color is white), projected on the east and south facades, partially filled with 250W metal halide lamp (light color is white), with white light to emphasize the height of the building. Form the support of the building in the light. On the 13th and 14th floors, a 400W high-pressure sodium lamp (light color is yellow) is used to illuminate the 14th and 15th floors of the west and south façades to enhance the visual height of the building and highlight the high features of the eastern area.

For the concave part connecting the eastern and central areas, the light frame is set on the ground, and the 400W metal halide lamp (light color is white) is used to separate the east and middle areas from the higher illumination and different light colors. .

4.3.2 The lighting in the central area of ​​the central district is not high, but the volume is large, and the observation surface is wide. It is one of the key points of the whole building group. For the podium building on the 1st to 4th floors of the south facade, a light stand is set on the ground. The 250W high-pressure sodium lamp (light color is yellow) is used to illuminate the podium facade and the cornice to maintain visual consistency.

The lighting of the south and east facades of 4 or more floors adopts 250W and 400W metal halide lamps (light color is white). The processing is mainly based on large-area light projection, and a small amount of local surface is filled with light by a small number of lamps. The intensity of the building is still emphasized with white light. Because of the difference in importance on the observation surface, the illumination of the south facade should be higher than that of the east facade.

In the depression in the middle of the central area, 1000W and 400W metal halide lamps (light color is white) are set here to brighten this part. The overall silver glittering effect of this part symbolizes the financial strength of the comprehensive building. The pyramid shape in the middle of the upper part of the depression is the focus of the entire central area. It adopts the way of internal illumination to fully restore the natural luster of the lighting board such as emerald to produce the effect of emerald.

4.3.3 West District Lighting For the podium of the 1st to 4th floor of the south facade of the Western District, the light frame is also set on the ground, and the 250W high-pressure sodium lamp (light color is yellow) is used to project the building and window frame to show The shape of the building, the facade of the podium and the cornice, maintains the visual coherence of this part throughout the complex, and fully demonstrates the material and tone of the exterior wall.

For the 4th floor and above of the south façade of the Western District, 1000W and 400W metal halide lamps (light color is white) are projected on the east and south main façades, and the 250W metal halide lamp (light color is white) is partially filled with light. White light emphasizes the height of the building. At the top of the 10th and 11th floors, a 400W metal halide lamp (light color is white) is set off, which gradually upgrades the visual height of the building, highlighting the characteristics of the main body of the western area. For the west facade, set a 1000W metal halide lamp (light color is white) for large-area projection.

For the wing shape at the top of the West District, a large number of low-power 250W high-pressure sodium lamps (light color is yellow) are still used, which creates a very bright illumination in a small space, highlighting the modernity of the shape.

For the recessed (step) part connecting the western and central areas, 250W and 400W metal halide lamps (light color is white) are symmetrically placed on both sides, and the brightness of the space is enhanced by bright white light to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the building. It creates a strong visual appeal and also serves to divide the building area.

4.3.4 Dynamic lighting In order to ensure the lighting effect of the building group is better, reflecting the commercial atmosphere of the complex, active the entire lighting system, designing a small amount of dynamic lighting fixtures on the top of the West and Central District (because the top of the Eastern District has been set up) Red aviation obstacles, so do not consider).

Install a set of "Flowers of the Universe (Air Rose)" on the top wing of the Western District, and install two sets of "Air Cannons" on the uppermost floor of the Central District.

Lamps, with a normal range of 3 to 5 kilometers, can cover the entire urban area of ​​the city.

4.4 Program Overview The lighting effect of the overall building of the complex designed by this project is a bright, brilliant and magnificent scene with a modern lighting configuration. In the local processing, the contour of the building is enhanced. At the same time, the processing of each part pays attention to the matching of points, lines and surfaces and echoes, making full use of the transformation of light color and the alternation of strength and weakness, as well as the combination of motion and static to show the complex. Stable and generous commercial ship style. Its overall lighting environment is pleasing to the eye and has a distinct personality, giving a strong visual shock.

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