Lighting concept curtain wall - gorgeous and infinite reverie

Following “depth” and “rhythm”, Trespa International launched another new theme of “forward-looking curtain walls” using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) this year. This new concept helps architects and designers create creative and beautiful wall effects without changing the basic performance and performance of Trespa's Meteon exterior wall panels.

Architects win with "new" - new creative inspiration, new shapes and new textures. Trespa's “Forward-looking Curtain Wall” creatively demonstrates to architects and designers how to use different methods to change, shape and install panels in order to achieve a different style of façade effect based on the basic properties of Trespa panels. By changing the visual effect, the three-dimensional appearance, vertical stretching and lateral dynamics bring more realistic visual enjoyment.

Lighting is a subtle art element. The light and shadow of the building's façade are constantly changing ingeniously, setting off and changing the visual perception of the curtain wall. At present, Trespa teamed up with professional lighting equipment manufacturers to introduce a unique creative perspective - the lighting concept exterior wall. The creation of a fusion Meteon façade panel and LED will be unveiled at several major architectural exhibitions in 2007.

Trespa Medeon façade panels are combined with photodiodes to achieve the ever-changing artistic effect of the curtain wall, and at the same time have the advantages of economic and environmental protection. In addition, LEDs are easy to install, and Meton is rugged and has excellent water resistance. Through the projection of artificial lighting, the curvature, seams and colors of the wall are highlighted. On the other hand, shadows, personality, space and surfaces are more open, thus creating a new dimension. All collections of elements create a variety of interactions between light and walls.

This means an unparalleled building in daylight and a beautiful visual shock at night.

LEDs can be embedded in curved or flat sheets or filled with translucent polycarbonate to fill the three-dimensional space. They have the unique properties of bright color, small size and low power consumption. The light emitted by the device is like ultraviolet light and infrared light, which is easy to use and control, and has a small heat dissipation and a service life of up to 50,000 hours. Monochrome series of LEDs are available in a variety of colors such as cream, white, blue, green, yellow and red, and the RGB series covers the entire color of the chromatogram.

The LED strip is the only part of the lighting system that is embedded in the exterior wall. Because the external terminal voltage only needs 12 volts, there is no special regulation for external wall lighting. These 1 meter long strips can be extended by connecting them to an integral connector.

Led Module Side Light

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LED Module Side Light

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