Li Nong Shiyi Hangzhou City Lighting (Photos)

“Quality, Night Hangzhou – the shaping of the mood of the moonlight in the lotus pond”, Li Hong, a professor at Beijing University of Technology and director of the Urban Lighting Planning and Design Institute, gave a poetic embarrassment.

In the view of Li Nong, the quality construction and improvement of Hangzhou city is not only a problem of Hangzhou itself, it is about China and the world, so it must be considered from the height and perspective of the world. From a realistic perspective Look, Hangzhou is not only China's Hangzhou, but also the world's Hangzhou.
In addition to praise, Li Nong also gave unique advice on the development of Hangzhou tourism. “At present, Hangzhou does not form a well-known lighting brand area like Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Qinhuai River, Shanghai Bund, Xintiandi, but Hangzhou has a very rich and beautiful lighting carrier. If it can be shaped reasonably and effectively, it will be a tourist for Hangzhou. It will be even more powerful.” Li Nong said that the famous scenic spots such as West Lake in Hangzhou do not need the splendid momentum of the Shanghai Bund, nor do they need the Las Vegas lights, the need for the mood of the lotus pond, according to the region. Culture, combined with the lighting environment and the status of the carrier, conveys the culture through light and expresses the characteristics of the region.

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