Let the living room become an arcade game hall, and unveil the secret box of the ZTE Ninetowns FunBox TV

When one mentions the TV box, many users will spray it. The main thing is that the TV box in the home does not meet their needs. However, the funbox TV box (the lunch box) is not the same. Where is his magic? Lets come look.

The main shape of the funbox TV box is a rectangular box, using the Android 4.3 system, which is very simple to use. The FunBox lunchbox is powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor, a 72-core GPU, and OpenGL ES 3.0, which guarantees the smoothness of graphics and games. The machine has built-in 8GB storage space, you can directly download the game to the FunBox lunch box before playing. FunBox lunch box has dual-channel WIFI network, supports 2.4G/5.0G dual-band, thus ensuring the network is faster and more stable.

In the television broadcast, it is not inferior to other TV boxes. The funbox TV box (the lunch box) epitomizes a large number of television dramas, movies, cartoons and variety shows. FunBox lunch box supports 1080P video playback, and with CIBN, PPTV, popular network, Youhu video Youku video are partners, to a certain extent, can guarantee the timely update of the latest movies.

The funbox TV box (lunch box) is also superhuman in game experience. The dinosaurs played a lot after 80 and the game's operation shape is very important, so the requirements for the handle are also very high, but this arcade game is in general TV. The experience of the box is still very bad, funbos TV box (box) play this type of arcade game is simply a piece of cake. It runs very smoothly. The handle is also very handy to use, the only drawback is that the handle is only given one, if you want your friends to an arcade game, then you also need to buy a handle.

The 97th King of Fighters is the favorite fighting game for users after 80s and 90s. The funbox TV box (the lunch box) is perfectly compatible in the demo 97. The King of Fighters is called the handle killer in the arcade game. The reason is the user. Every second is used frequently during the game.

Edit Comment: funbox TV box (box) left a lot of impressions for the author, the configuration is higher than the millet box, stronger than the music box in the film and television, in the game experience is more prominent than the use of the TV box, game fans can rest assured to buy Funbox TV box (lunch box) to play all arcade game software.

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