LED street lights are expected to be rolled out in Harbin

Recently, the Harbin Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau approved the release of the "Technical Requirements for LED Road and Tunnel Lighting Engineering" (for trial operation), which means that LEDs will be widely used in roads and tunnels in Harbin. According to reports, this street lamp can be dimmed according to the traffic flow at different times, which can save more than 20%.

According to reports, at the beginning of last year, China launched the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” semiconductor lighting application demonstration city program. Harbin and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other 21 cities were included in the demonstration cities, focusing on the promotion of LED lighting application engineering. However, since the national standards for LED road and tunnel lighting engineering have not yet been released, it is impossible to promote the use of LED lighting in a wide range. The engineering technical requirements issued by Harbin City stipulate the product requirements, working conditions, engineering technical requirements and product inspection of LED road and tunnel lighting projects. After the release of this requirement, it involves the use of LED road and tunnel lighting products. Before the recruitment, bidding and project implementation, the inspection agencies that have passed the qualification certification of the quality and technical supervision departments at or above the provincial level shall issue corresponding inspection reports.

It is understood that at present, the light source used in road lighting in Harbin is mainly high-pressure sodium lamps. Only the Taishan Road and Taiping Street sections use LED lights. LED lamps can achieve energy savings of more than 20%, and can work in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 50 ° C, and its life can reach 5 years or so. At the same time, some LED street lights can be dimmed according to the traffic flow of different time periods, and the brightness of the street lights is adjusted according to the size of the traffic flow, which has more obvious energy-saving effects.

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