Large-size TVs will become mainstream 3D TV prices next year

With the approaching New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, each major home appliance store in Xicheng began to actively prepare for the war. The reporter visited the market yesterday and found that all major color TV brands in the same year at the end of the same year push 3D and smart TV. From LCD, LED, 3D to smart TV, the Tin City color TV market has been changing face in just a few years. In response to trends in TV products and consumer demand, Gome Electrical Appliances recently released a white paper on the development of China's consumer TV market in 2012. The survey shows that next year, large-size devices will become mainstream consumer devices and 3D TVs will become popular.

The original home appliance store samples of each kind of sample size from small to large. However, the reporter found that the proportion of large-sized prototypes produced by various color TV brands is now significantly higher. “As the cost of panels and related parts has fallen, the overall level of color TV products has shifted downwards. In particular, the price of small-sized color TV sets has basically bottomed out, and the large-size market will become the main battlefield for brand-to-brand sales competition.” Wuxi’s Gome officials told reporters From 2007 to 2011, the proportion of demand for color TV products of 40 inches and above continued to increase, and the sales share accounted for more than half of the total. Over the past few years, the proportion of demand for large-sized products has increased by 15 percentage points to 50%. This person in charge is expected to have 41, 43, 48, 51, 58, 61, and other sizes and models derived from next year. The shape of the color TV is also changing with the preferences of the public. The width of the border and the thickness of the fuselage are continuously shrinking. He expects that TVs with no borders and thickness less than 20 mm will become the market trend in 2012.

Since 3D TV was listed on the Xicheng home appliance store two years ago, with the continuous improvement of product performance, it began to enter more and more people's families. According to reports, up to now, the number of 3D TV models has exceeded 160. Take Gome as an example, the current sales volume of 3D TV sets has reached 21%. Smart TVs that have been listed less than half a year are also strong penetration. Since the introduction of smart TVs by color TV manufacturers in April this year, after more than six months of listing, the penetration capacity has exceeded 3D. However, the reporter found that the concept of smart TV is rather vague, and many of them are grafted with 3D technology, and the prices are very large. Taking a 40-inch smart TV as an example, some brands have fallen below 4,000 yuan, but the cloud TV price has reached 8,000 yuan.

Does 3D and smart TV have price reduction space next year? Wang Liang, head of Wuxi Gome's color TV department, believes that price cuts still have some space, but there are still a lot of uncertainties. "As far as we know, many manufacturers will use large-size 3D TV as a standard, and the production volume will exceed 50. If the production capacity is large, the price will be reduced. However, because the current screen technology is monopolized by foreign countries, the price depends on the availability of the screen.” In addition, with the end of the national trade-in policy, and the economic trend of the next year Unclear, although the outlook for smart TVs is promising, there is still some pressure on price cuts.