Keysight Technologies Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the National Experimental Research Institute of Taiwan, China in 5G Communication Technology

June 14, 2016, Beijing - is the German technology company (NYSE: KEYS) and China Taiwan "National Research Laboratories" (NAR Labs) today announced the signing of "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU), the establishment of R & D in the field of communications technology 5G Strategic partnership. The two sides will work together to jointly develop and prototype 5G technology and prototype verification and evaluation, with a view to enhancing the future of wireless communication innovation in Taiwan.

The cooperation between Keysight and the National Institute of Experimental Microscopy System Design Center (CIC) will begin with millimeter-wave front-end circuit design techniques. This collaboration will drive the launch of the next generation of high-speed broadband millimeter-wave wireless communication experimental networks. The system will include the Keysight PSG vector signal generator, 12 GSa/S arbitrary waveform generator and Infiniium oscilloscope. Keysight's SystemVue 5G baseband verification library will be delivered with these world-class hardware solutions. This advanced software library dramatically increases the productivity of system architects and baseband physical layer (PHY) designers by providing reliable algorithmic reference and signal processing for 5G technology research.

Luo Qinghua, Dean of the National Experimental Research Institute, said: "CIC will carry out advanced 5G technology research with the support of relevant parties in Taiwan. The successful operation of the high-speed broadband millimeter-wave wireless communication experimental network will help industry companies meet the measurement. Challenge, provide value-added services to achieve the technology-driven economic goals of the authorities. In addition, I am very pleased that our engineers will use Keysight's SystemVue 5G baseband verification library. This will help our work accelerate from the design stage. To the test and prototype verification phase."

Allen Chang, General Manager of Keysight China Taiwan, said: “Keysight is actively involved in the development of 5G standards and is committed to developing innovative solutions to accelerate the deployment of next-generation wireless communication technologies. Therefore, we are very willing to work with “National The Experimental Research Institute cooperates in the development of 5G communication link technology. It not only represents a significant advancement in the implementation of 5G communication technology, but also paves the way for the future research and development of millimeter-wave communication systems."

About Keysight 5G

Modern tools are a necessary guarantee for the development of 5G communication technologies, and they can help engineers easily explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight's 5G solutions deliver deeper insights as standards evolve. In terms of design and testing, Keysight supports industry leaders in continuing to innovate in new technologies and existing technologies, turning design ideas into practical products. For more information on Keysight's 5G design, test and measurement solutions, please visit G

About Keysight

Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) is the world's leading electronic measurement company, offering a new measurement experience through continuous innovation in areas such as wireless, modular and software solutions. Keysight provides electronic measuring instruments, systems, and software and services for the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment, and operation of electronic devices. In FY2015, Keysight’s revenue reached $2.9 billion. For more information on Keysight, please visit

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