Jiangxi Jinghe Lighting launches the world's highest luminous LED street light

With strong scientific research strength, Jiangxi Jinghe Lighting Co., Ltd. successfully launched a high-power LED street light with a luminous efficacy of 108.6LM/W, which is the highest-efficiency commercialized LED high-power street light that has been reported worldwide.

In the case of a chip with an average luminous efficiency of 125.5LM/W, it is detected by the National Electric Light Source Testing Center: Crystal and Lighting LLRA120 high-power LED street light, the total luminous flux is 13395LM, and the luminous efficacy of the lamp is 108.6LM/W; The successful development shows that the LED street lamp technology independently developed by our province has already taken the lead in the world.

Jinghe Lighting is a leading technology company. In 2009, at the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” product demonstration meeting of the Ministry of Science and Technology, it won the praise of the leaders of the National Electric Light Source Testing Center... “This lamp is measured by us. The indicators are very good and the world is advanced." Its products have won the honorary title of independent innovation products of Jiangxi Province and new energy-saving technology products of Jiangxi Province. The design meets the US Energy Star standard and has passed the test of National Electric Light Source Testing Center and National Traffic Safety Facilities Testing Center.

At present, Jinghe Lighting Street Lamp has installed more than 2000 high-power LED street lamps on the iconic Bridge Avenues such as Bayi Bridge, Yangming Road, Ziyang Avenue and Nanchang University in Nanchang. The actual results and key indicators such as color rendering and uniformity. They have been well received by the public and experts. At the same time, thousands of LED ramp lights were installed in many expressway tunnels such as Yingrui Expressway and Zhangzhou Ring Expressway. Products have been based in Jiangxi, exported to the United States, the Netherlands, Heilongjiang, Henan, Shanghai and other places.

Crystal and LED street lights ensure more than 50% power savings. For example, Ziyang Avenue has a total length of 5.4 kilometers and is equipped with 490 盏 220 watt LED street lamps, saving 55% of electricity. According to the daily use of 11 hours, it can save 455,000 kWh per year, which can reduce CO2 emissions by 29.1 tons, and can also reduce SO2 by a large amount. Emissions.

Today, LED green lighting has attracted much attention. Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Nanchang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have given great support to the green lighting industry and introduced a series of support policies to promote LED enterprises. The gathering and development in Nanchang. For more information, please visit


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