Japan's Patella launched a variety of LED lighting (Figure)

Figure 1: "CLF type"

Japan's PATLITE was on the "System Control Fair 2007", which was closed on November 16, 2007. The reference shows the new products that are scheduled to be released in 2008. Exhibits include white LED lighting "CLF type", built-in self-test function indicator "LMC type" and indicator lights equipped with wireless component unit.

The CLF model was developed as a replacement for fluorescent lighting (Fig. 1). This is covered by a polycarbonate lampshade covering the aluminum alloy casing, protected by a silicon coating and made to a safety rating of IP67. The color temperature can reach 6500 ~ 7500K, which is equivalent to the bright sunshine in the afternoon, easy to identify the processed objects. The illuminance can reach 1940lx at a distance of 50cm from the object. It is suitable for fine work. It is equipped with lenses of both lengths of 100mm and 200mm, so that it can be designed when installed on the device.

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