It takes at least 3 to 5 years for LED lighting to overcome high costs

Today, low-carbon technology has been widely promoted, LED lighting has been increasingly used in architecture, landscape and municipal engineering and other fields, and why the average family has such a large distance, it is because of the core technology of LED master In the hands of foreigners, domestic LED product prices remain high.

The domestic LED manufacturers mainly aim at architectural landscape lighting, large-screen displays, traffic signals, and other market areas, and have insufficient development for ordinary people. Domestic technology is limited, so many parts must rely on imports, so all sorts of reasons superimpose LED lighting, although many advantages, but has been faced with a lot of pressure has been promoted, and can never break the cost of this difficult, high prices for ordinary people to stay away. So when LED lights can break through price difficulties into millions of households?

The LED lamp has the good performance of "saving energy by 80% compared to the energy-saving lamp." A home-made 5-watt LED spherical lamp can replace a 11-watt energy-saving lamp, while a 90-watt LED lamp has the same lighting effect.盏 250 watt high pressure sodium lamp. Moreover, the LED lamps are completely free from mercury pollution, do not contaminate soil and groundwater, and are highly compatible with the green concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

“A 1.2-meter-long LED tube has a retail price of nearly RMB 200. Even though people are aware that it has energy-saving, environmental protection, and a longer service life, most of them will still choose traditional fluorescent tubes that sell for less than RMB 10.” At the Lighting Society Session of the 8th Youth Academic Annual Conference in Nanjing, the relevant experts broke the bottleneck that constrained LED's entry into the homes of ordinary people.

According to expert analysis, as the technology matures, the cost of LED lighting will continue to decrease within three to five years, reaching the “consumer price” that ordinary consumers can accept, and it will be truly popular in the household sector. Zhou Ye, general manager of the Jiangsu Branch of Zhen Mingli Holdings Co., Ltd., who has long been engaged in research and development of LED lighting, told reporters that three years ago, the 40-watt LED lamp was ex-factory price was about 300 yuan, and most of the products are now priced at 140-160 yuan. between. Although LED core technologies and patents are still mostly in the hands of foreign companies, domestic companies have not given up on this aspect of scientific research and have achieved some success in recent years. "Before 2002, domestic LED chips were still completely dependent on imports. In 2006, the localization rate had reached 44%." He said with optimism that the survey shows that the price of ordinary household LED lamps should be as low as 40-60 yuan. Acceptable, then, LED green lighting will really replace the energy-saving lamps, into each household.