iPad version of Office for only $ 10 and iWork Competition

iPad version of Office for only 10 US dollars Competition with iWork Foreign media reported recently that Microsoft is developing Office software for the Apple iPad Tablet PC and set the price at US$10.

Some people in the industry expressed surprise at the $10 iPad version of Office because other versions of Office are worth more than a few hundred dollars. However, the sources stated that Microsoft is making such pricing in order to maintain its advantages with the Apple iWork suite. iWork also sells for $10 in the App Store.

Analysts believe that Microsoft will launch the Windows 8 Tablet PC offensive next year. Given the competition with the iPad, the launch of the iPad version of Office may further erode its desktop PC market. Moreover, the price of 10 US dollars will inevitably lead to a large number of users to purchase, further fueling the arrogance of the iPad.

There is speculation that the iPad version of the Office of such a low price is likely to have only a simple function, its transmission is greater than the actual work, so that Microsoft can profit on both sides.