iPad 2 launches new Apple main price battle in Hong Kong in April

iPad 2 listed in Hong Kong in April Apple's new main price war Although it is 33% thinner than the previous generation, equipped with front and rear dual cameras, and twice as fast, iPad 2 has no more revolutionary change than the iPad created by the New Age. The price is the most attractive highlight of this new Apple tablet product.

In less than a year after the iPad was launched, the new iPad 2 was introduced, which did not seem to be Jobs's previous style. iPad2 listed at the same time, Jobs announced the price of the first generation of iPad, the official price of the Chinese market straight down 1,100 yuan, the lowest price of 2,888 yuan. Then, Zhongguancun iPad2 parallel machine appeared, but the price is 9300, more than twice the official price. The market also rumors that Apple has discontinued production of the 3G iPad generation. Although Apple did not release official news, the reporter found that Apple's official website found that the 3G and WiFi versions of the iPad are showing no provision and no order. Shortage of supplies also led to the skyrocketing price of iPads in the 3G version of supermarkets, rebounding to more than 3,000.

A few days ago, Apple announced that the iPad2 will be sold in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea in April. Affected by this, the prices of iPad2 parallel market fell sharply. The reporter learned that in an Apple store in Zhongguancun, the prices of iPad2 parallel imports in the period of more than half a month “have changed from one day to the next, starting from nearly RMB 10,000 to the current RMB 5,000. ."

Whether it is "new rises or falls" or "new declines," Apple's tablet prices are like roller coasters. Some analysts believe that this is Apple's price strategy for tablets. Steve Jobs, who has always used the attitude of "changing the world," is not in a hurry to launch a breakthrough product. It only needs to be within the controllable cost range, and the details will be upgraded. This will make the iPad 2 the protagonist in the market.

Apple's control of upstream components, strong market position, and strong bargaining power have all become its powerful weapons for reducing costs. Therefore, the price of the iPad 2 with a relatively high configuration can be significantly lower than similar products.

"It's better than him to be cheaper than him. It's better for him than him to be cheaper." One analyst commented on the iPad2 to Ben Wang's reporter. He believes that there is no more competition threshold for the upstream and solution of the tablet itself. In the two thresholds of user experience and price, Apple has been able to exclude other products, so the need for revolutionary products becomes less of a necessity.

Bainaohui, an Apple seller, said that at present, the iPad’s generation has limited inventory, and it’s no longer sold out, so the stocks between various distributors are very serious, and the prices are rising.

In addition, other brands of tablet computers also began to adjust prices, Samsung P1000 prices fell from 4,500 yuan to 3,888 yuan, Owen N2, N3, respectively, have a decline of 100 yuan and 300 yuan, are now priced at 899 yuan and 1699 Yuan, at the same time, Asus, Hanwang, Malata, Patriot and other brands of old tablet computers all have a drop of 300-1000 yuan.