iPad 2 is still in the queue for a week

iPad 2 is still in the queue for a week The iPad 2 was listed on the US market on Friday, and long-term buying rushes occurred across the United States. And because supplies continue to be tight, consumers will be waiting in line every morning to wait for new goods to arrive on the shelves. After one week, the situation has not improved.

When the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 was launched in February, Apple and Verizon opened up online booking several days in advance and had sufficient supplies, resulting in sparse physical stores on the day of listing. Although Verizon has repeatedly claimed that the network sales are huge, media and analysts still believe that the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 is not selling well based on physical store conditions.

Perhaps it was learned from the last lesson that Apple took a completely different strategy in its iPad 2 listing arrangement. Online ordering is only open in the early hours of the day of the listing, and online shopping is expected to postpone the delivery date. Currently ordered on Apple's official website, it will not be shipped until one month later.

In contrast, physical stores, although supply is also tight, but Apple basically guarantee that each Apple Store retail store will receive a new batch of goods every day. In other words, as long as you spend one night at the top of the team, you can always buy iPad 2 the next morning. It was this temptation that led to the story of lining up and snapping up every week. The media reported that the analysts shouted and Apple was content.

In all retail stores, the Apple flagship store located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, is a microcosm of all stores, and is the representative store most concerned by the media. In the past few days, hundreds of people can often be seen, and queues are in and out. There are also a few people who use their tents to stay overnight. In order to maintain order, Apple specifically erected a fence delineated queuing area. After the new goods are sold on the same day, if the team is still at the end of the fence, the clerk will inform the subsequent customers to come back tomorrow.