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Network Video Server Trend: Convergence and Openness

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In the security market, the growth rate of the network video surveillance market is far ahead. It not only changes the basic structure of the security system, but also promotes the application of branch areas such as traffic management, smart communities, and intelligent analysis. For large systems, the core of video surveillance servers and control centers is storage technology, and solutions based on IP physical security become mainstream.

However, many departments are looking to leverage existing resources to create a customized solution for video surveillance systems to meet the sheer volume of system requirements. Despite the solid foundation of analog video solutions, after nearly two years of IP infiltration, the solutions that have been deduced by different methods seem to be better; network video technology solves the functions of massive data storage and analysis.

Network Monitoring: IP Security Based Physical Security Solution

Network Monitoring: IP Security Based Physical Security Solution

Perhaps by 2015, the market share of megapixel network HD surveillance cameras will exceed 70%, so it is necessary to establish a network video surveillance solution today. There is evidence that some manufacturers use a one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring solutions designed for security users. How to make targeted solutions is worth studying. Optimistic about the development of the future network market, by 2014, nearly half of the video security systems will use network cameras, and non-standard systems will gradually decline. The security market white paper pays special attention to the market of network video servers in the future. The storage system and the central control command center will have the largest amount of equipment.

How will the future network video server develop? Perhaps I can give you a hint:

Trend: integration and openness

Network video servers will move to integrated and development-oriented platforms, and IP-based physical security facilities can address any need. Especially on the hardware, the network operation will be smoother. According to statistics, in 2010, global network surveillance cameras accounted for 26.4%. By 2014, half of the video surveillance systems are expected to use network surveillance cameras. The specific data is about 48.9%. With the continuous expansion of the network market, 2015 million The pixel network surveillance camera market broke through the 70% mark.

Network video solution benefit integration

The development of the network surveillance camera market has driven the market for video servers. In the case of video surveillance technology, network cameras or high-resolution surveillance cameras can promote the development of IP physical security integrated servers and address the pressure brought by the bandwidth of the back-end storage network. The comprehensive edge storage technology can make up for the gap and solve the problem of instability of the mobile network.

In fact, the open and redundant structure of the hardware not only bears the low cost of the enterprise, but also stabilizes well. The IP-based physical security market points to a more complete vision.

Different kinds of video storage servers

Different kinds of video storage servers

Benefit integration

A comprehensive network video solution is more powerful, scalable and cost effective than analog systems. An open solution is more stable and flexible. A true integrated network physical security solution can utilize the best technology to achieve access control integration and achieve multiple intelligent analysis.

From a long-term perspective, IP physical security solutions can save costs. In addition to independent network resources, additional capital, maintenance, labor, and equipment maintenance costs can be reduced. An integrated IP physical security solution reduces downtime and lowers total cost of ownership.

Market challenges facing IP storage

Market challenge

Of course, any product or technology will face market challenges. An overly complex system can also hinder its development. If the user's attention is too dependent on any single manufacturer, the physical security solution of a highly complex network needs to manage the dependencies and support of multiple communication protocols, and subsequent compatibility issues. How to solve it. Today, many manufacturers have stated their position that the manufacturer's products have a clear open architecture platform. However, there is no clear way to apply to all video server applications.

When developing a new IP-based physical security solution, the best way is to optimize the monitoring system with a professional server. The configuration of the server is critical and should include memory, storage and processor specifications to ensure the best scalability of the video. The server should be able to adapt to future developments, including the ability to record, higher frame rates without frame loss, high resolution and low cost storage of long-term video data.

IP storage server

IP storage server

Another form of using video streaming as data storage is incorrect. Professional video storage solutions fall into the following five points:

The need for large-scale databases; intensive operations; system delays; constant bit rate streams; operating environment requirements such as temperature, vibration, bit error rate and more.

Due to the inherent nature of the product, these five areas require specialized approaches, and given the unique needs, there are many external storage options, including direct attached storage, network attached storage, and Fibre Channel storage. In-vehicle storage is an emerging trend, usually using SD cards to store audio and video information. When the range of IP storage applications is further expanded, it may be more favorable for the future network market.

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