Intelligent customer service robot: more sticky than Microsoft Xiao Bing

If you ask a smart customer service robot "What is the relationship between the eight sons and Qin Shihuang?", the robot is full of doubts and asks "How can you have eight sons?" Will you be crazy? Amazon CEO Bezos said: "In the past, if you made customers unhappy, they might tell his six friends. In the age of the Internet, they might tell 6000." With the Internet Development, virtual robots based on artificial intelligence technology are also emerging, including Microsoft Xiaobing, Apple Siri, which we are familiar with, and small yellow chickens that have risen all over the country. Technology serves the business, corporate customer service also ushered in the era of artificial intelligence, but customer service is not equal to "selling cute", the chat-type robot is obviously not the best choice for intelligent customer service.

For the users who consult, the most basic requirement is a good customer service experience. Obviously, if the waiting time is too long when consulting the question, or the customer service answer can not solve the problem that is being consulted well, or even answer the question, this is a bad customer service experience for the user. Only the better customer service experience, the stronger the user satisfaction, the higher the user's stickiness. Therefore, providing an excellent customer service experience is undoubtedly an important part of business success.

For new enterprises with light assets, cloud-based SaaS-type intelligent customer service is becoming an important development direction for enterprise customer service. Taking the windtalker customer service robot as an example, Zhongtong Network Communications Co., Ltd. has launched the only service-oriented SAAS cloud platform product that integrates mobile service management, voice service, CRM customer relationship management and enterprise socialization. Intelligent robot service (AI), manual online customer service (IM), and telephone customer service (IPCC) three-in-one combined service mode, enabling users and enterprises to establish a stable and efficient service closed loop of 7×24 hours.

Intelligent robot customer service can use the knowledge more quickly and standardized to satisfy the customer's customer service consultation in the form of natural dialogue or text chat, and free the customer service staff from the repeated repetitive question and answer and the sloppy dialogue. For intelligent robot customer service, the accurate understanding of the customer's request is undoubtedly the most critical. Dong Tongjie, CEO of Zhongtong Network, said that Zhongtong Network cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Jiaotong University on the basis of the existing ASR and NLP engines, targeting the general field and the vertical fields of e-commerce, health, education, finance and government. Algorithm optimization and customization are provided, and the general knowledge base, industry knowledge base, domain lexicon, speech recognition engine and natural language processing engine are opened to developers free of charge.

Windtalker customer service robot is the wisdom of artificial intelligence technology combined with 10 years of customer service industry experience. Its unique scene recognition reasoning ability can quickly capture topics. Its word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, and named entity recognition performance reach over 96%. The identification technology has a good performance both on the spot and in the near field. In the knowledge base self-learning, the deeply optimized machine learning algorithm can accurately screen out unknown problems and pre-report the answer summary through context association. The developer can collect the personalized knowledge base for one-click use.

In terms of manual customer service, Zhongtong Network provides two service channels, IM and IPCC. The whole operation from the robot customer service to the manual customer service is always completed in the same session interface, which ensures the seamless connection of the overall service experience. At the same time, IPCC is also a kind of user care for the harsh network environment, which is convenient for users to directly connect. . The instant messaging capability of Zhongtong Network is based on the IM engine with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is deeply optimized for the fragmentation scenarios of mobile Internet and users, ensuring extremely low energy consumption and stability under complex network environment and hardware limitations. Provide secure and timely messaging services to ensure that no news is lost.

In the era of mobile Internet, the channels of communication between users and enterprises are more and more diversified. Mobile channels and social channels gradually occupy the whole life of people. Enterprises need a unified multi-channel platform to deal with customer support issues from different channels. The wind language customer service robot currently supports access to Android APP, iOS APP, WeChat public number (subscription number/service number), website and other four types of mainstream terminals, and the multi-terminal consultation is unified and accepted, and the wind language customer service APP is also provided to help the customer service staff. Get rid of the PC and provide customer service directly through the mobile phone. These all add to the lack of manual customer service in the details, and improve the quality of customer service and user satisfaction as a whole.

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