Industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce

Central air-conditioning is a relatively large concept, covering a wide range of industry products, and its connotation continues to develop and expand. It includes both the HVAC products that started earlier, the refrigeration industry products that followed, and home air conditioners that have risen dramatically in recent years. However, in the traditional sense, central air-conditioning products belong to industrial equipment. Based on this, central air-conditioning has a strong focus on marketing and is one-on-one or point-to-point production and sales.

A few days ago, when the HVAC industry sought a breakthrough in the development of innovation, central air-conditioning has opened up markets in both commercial and residential areas with strong capabilities. It is the strong demand for the air-conditioning market that created today's two diversified product lines for business and home.

The development of the real estate market is forward-looking for the growth of the central air-conditioning industry. This is the consensus in the industry. It is understood that on the current market, the rapid development of the housing industry will undoubtedly provide a wide range of development prospects for home central air conditioning. From the perspective of real estate developers, the deployment of home central air-conditioning in new high-end residential buildings can not only improve the quality of housing, but also the initial investment in the proportion of total cost is not high, generally accounting for 5 to 8%. Therefore, many developers currently have a keen interest in home central air conditioning.

Experts pointed out that in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic central air-conditioning market, major companies and small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to exert force to accelerate the expansion of production scale and market share, and gradually complete the regional layout, in an attempt to scale and strength in the future market competition. It holds a certain market share, and the core technology is still a technique for the nuggets of Chinese companies.