Incandescent lamps are temporary lights for renovation

Incandescent lamps have gradually "retired" in recent years. Recently, the reporter visited the provincial market in the province and found that although incandescent lamps have obvious advantages in terms of price, they still have sales, but the market share has dropped sharply, and most of them have become temporary lights for the decoration stage of the home.

On the morning of December 5th, in the modern decoration city of Binhe West Road, there are dozens of large and small boutiques of hardware lamps and lanterns distributed in specialized lighting museums. The words “energy saving lamp” and “LED lamp” flash frequently before the storefront. In advertisements and storefront decorations, almost no words or patterns related to the sale of incandescent lamps can be seen. Into various stores, almost all of the display and sale on the counters in various stores are energy-saving lamps, and it is difficult to see the traditional light bulbs.

"How much do you want to buy an incandescent lamp? How many?" In a store, the clerk looked at the reporter with a questionful look. "If you want more, I'll give you a look. Now, basically, you don't buy anything." The clerk said that over the years, Incandescent lamps have always been the main product in the lighting market, because incandescent lamps were cheaper at that time, and energy-saving lamps were often costing 20-30 yuan, which was too expensive. But in the last two years, the price of energy-saving lamps has been getting lower and lower, which is easy to accept. Therefore, many hardware stores have ceased to sell incandescent lamps. Like their homes, they are still selling incandescent lamps. “At home, you have a beautiful look. Use this kind of lamp? Use an energy-saving lamp!” At another hardware store, when a reporter asked whether the incandescent lamp had been sold, the other party started to introduce energy-saving lamps. After knowing that reporters came to know each other, they frankly stated that now the average family has rarely used incandescent lamps. Apart from the fact that the concept of energy saving is becoming more and more popular, many lamps now have relatively high requirements for light bulbs, such as U-shaped and ring-shaped lamps. The use of an increasingly wide range, the traditional incandescent lamp can not be installed inside the lampshade.

Where are the incandescent lamps that are still on sale? The reporter learned that because of its low price and short use time, incandescent lamps still have a place in the lighting of public areas such as balconies and corridors. The low price also allows incandescent lamps to be widely used as temporary lighting appliances in construction sites and interior decoration. "Now in the city, in addition to the renovation of the house, basically do not buy incandescent lamps." During the interview, the owner of a hardware store in Dongxing Decoration City, North Road, told reporters that because incandescent lamps are cheap, many construction teams will buy a large number of incandescent lamps. One is to test whether the newly installed house can power the lamp, and the second is to allow the owner to facilitate the decoration. In fact, the reporter also happened to encounter two workers who are giving a nearby real estate renovation. One of the decoration workers told reporters that no one would be willing to put on a good light to decorate the house. The incandescent lamp was used for decoration. It was not a pity to throw away the decoration.

In order to further confirm the above statement, the reporter entered several newly completed high-rise buildings along Shengli Street, Jianshe North Road and Jiefangbei Road, and found that all the lights in the corridor were incandescent lights. While entering several homes that are being renovated, they are using incandescent lamps without exception. "The incandescent lamp is cheap, buy a dozen, basically these months are enough, it's not a pity to be broken." said Ms. Yang, who is currently decorating the house in the Longcheng area near the Jiancao overpass.