In the new century, the alliance's universal benefits will show a record high in Q2 revenue.

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan LED chip factory New Century Optoelectronics (3383) Q2 revenue reached NT$1.318 billion, setting a new record for the single season, and the only Q2 revenue among Taiwanese LED manufacturers hit a record high.

In the new century, China Putian Group has rushed to the mainland LED lighting market, and the benefits have gradually emerged. As the revenue scale is enlarged, the estimated profit is expected to rise simultaneously. In the second half of the year, the mainland orders continue to increase, and the performance is expected to grow steadily. The LED factory's performance outlook is more optimistic.

On the 28th of the new century, the new century was filled with rights and ex-rights. On the first day of the ex-right, the stock price was up and down, and the credit was 30.92%. The performance was quite impressive.

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