In the future, you can control the robot nurse dispensing with a mobile phone or by machine.

Open the app in the tablet, adjust the running parameters of the robot , click Start, and the robot on the side will run autonomously according to the track designed by the programmer. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the display workshop of You Aibo Intelligent Robot Company that a programmer is programming the robot through mobile devices. “The steps are simple, just teach.”

Zhu Haihong, general manager of You Aibo Intelligent Robot Company, told reporters that the core patent technology of You Aibao is the first in the world, which greatly reduces the cost and has a revolutionary change in installation, control and maintenance. “These technologies have created an opportunity for our Chinese robots to achieve cornering overtaking in the competition with international robots.” The root cause of this simple operation is the small modules added to the robot. "The current development of domestic robots is to do things different from others, so that they have market competitiveness." Zhu Haihong said that most of the robots in the world use central control, which requires large electric control boxes and controls. Panels, etc., the operation is complicated and inconvenient. “For four years, we have been researching the miniaturization of modules and using distributed control to create personalized robots that can be used by ordinary people. Those who work in boring work can be freed, robot controllers and even Programmers, the nature of the work has become more and more high-end."

In the future, if you pick up your mobile phone, you might be able to control a robot. Is this life more comfortable? Zhu Haihong revealed that You Aibao will cut into the family market and build a popular family robot based on the modular system.

Infusion in the hospital, in the future, the nurse may simply put the vials, dispensers and solvents into the machine. I saw the demonstrator place the needle on the fixed clip of the robot, put a bottle of prescription medicine on the platform, and click the start button on the screen. The machine quickly closes the transmission window. After a series of actions such as turning, opening, puncture, pumping, and dilution, a small bottle of liquid is configured.

This is not finished yet. The machine gripper puts the liquid into a large disc, and the disc vibrates rapidly, and shakes the configured liquid. At the end of the day, the machine handles also throws all the medical waste into the built-in trash can without any extra pollution.

"Now the nurses use the grinding wheel to grind the mouth of the ampoule every day, and then use the hand to open the bottle mouth, which is easy to hurt the hand. Sometimes it is necessary to repeatedly puncture the liquid when dispensing the liquid, which may lead to contamination of the liquid." Liu Yuchun, general manager of State Robotics, told reporters that with this intelligent intravenous drug configuration robot, it will effectively avoid these risks. “Our ampoule cutting technology supports both ampoules and vials, and no need for syringes. This is the first of its kind in the world. And this machine is specially designed for hazardous drugs and antibiotics. The average ampule or powder bottle efficiency is about 50. -60 seconds / bottle, the accuracy is controlled above 95%, these are far beyond the international level. Not only that, the inside of the machine is fully enclosed space, local 100-level air purification environment, people and drugs are completely isolated to avoid the harm of toxic drugs. At the same time, the robot can work uninterrupted, greatly reducing the labor intensity of medical staff."

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