In-house semiconductor lighting technology and product development results

"Eleventh Five-Year" national 863 plan "Semiconductor Lighting Project" major project "Indoor LED lighting key technology research and product development" during the implementation of significant results.

Under the support of the National 863 Program, the subject undertaking unit Shanghai Sansi Technology Development Co., Ltd., after years of research and development work, formed patented technology with independent intellectual property rights, which solved the contradiction between high transmittance and no glare in indoor LED lighting. The developed luminaire achieves a surface light source effect of not seeing the light, high luminous efficacy, no glare, visual safety, and large projection range.

At present, the light efficiency of indoor surface light source LED lighting fixtures reaches 80 lm/W or more, and the products have been used in the lighting of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 and provide technical support for the pilot work of “Ten City Wanhao” semiconductor lighting. Demonstration promotion significance.