In 2012, the steady increase of home appliances increased and the “Mensao”

“The overall consumer demand is stable and there will be growth, but it will not be very prosperous and tepid, or it will be a little “community”.” Liu Wei, general manager of Tongcheng Electric, who has just taken up the new position, jokingly depicts the home appliance consumption in 2012. .

“Before the Spring Festival, the eye-catching home appliance war has basically been declared to be over. In 2012, new consumer trends in home appliances have gradually emerged.” For the current and future home appliance market, smart and capable Liu Wei talks.

Or will "Mensao" market

With regard to the outlook for the home appliance market in 2012, many home appliance manufacturers and people in the industry have expressed pessimism. In the eyes of Liu Wei, the overall demand for home appliances will remain stable in 2012, but it will not be very prosperous.

The end of 2011 home appliance replacement policy as scheduled, and the end of the previous policy of saving energy and benefiting people, means that the policy factor that drives the rapid growth of the home appliance industry has been lost, and the overall market will return to normal.

“Actually, rigid demand exists as the real driving force for the growth of the home appliance market in recent years.” Liu Wei analyzed that with the increasingly fierce competition in the household appliance market, channel household appliance channels including Tong Cheng Electrical Appliances have strengthened traditional household appliances. Based on the search for new highlights of fashion digital.

The concept of consumption presents new features

“The rapid renewal of household electrical appliances has accelerated the change of consumer attitudes.” Liu Wei used a few words to briefly introduce the characteristics of consumer electronics consumption this year to reporters. “Intelligence, branding, fashion, and home.”

With the advent of the era of digital intelligence in home appliances, TVs have not only been upgraded from 2D to 3D. Through cloud technology, TV has also achieved interconnection with mobile phones and computers, which has brought revolutionary breakthrough to the entire industry. This breakthrough is not limited to color TV categories. In the mobile phone market, “smart” can be considered an absolute hot word. For example, the iPhone series of mobile phones that are the most concerned are under the influence of the brands.

To get the channel to get the world

“In the past, home appliance profits came from the wholesale chain, and now it is mainly chain retail sales.” Liu Wei told reporters. “At present, sales of chained home appliances have become mainstream, and the industry has become more professional.” According to him, at present, Tong Cheng Electrical Appliances is Changsha, Yueyang, Zhuzhou and other places are engaged in deep management of channels. Tongcheng Electric will open 80 stores in the next 3 years, and the number of stores will reach 200 after 10 years.

Spring Festival Promotions Main Fashion

"On the Chinese New Year home appliance market, the majority of fashion household appliances are still in the strong sales stage, especially digital, mobile phones, computers and other 3C products." According to Liu Wei, Tongcheng Electric for high sales Demand, timely replenishment of supply, and on the premise of ensuring quality, allow consumers to buy affordable appliances.

According to Liu Wei, in order to seize the Spring Festival promotional opportunities, Tong Cheng electrical appliances as early as 2 months ago began to stock. From the evening of the 13th to the 22nd of the month on New Year's Eve, Tongcheng Electric will continue to invest 5 million yuan in promotional resources, and unite more than 300 well-known home appliance brands worldwide. Through large-scale purchases, TV sets, ice washing, air conditioners and 3C are drastically dropped. The price of the product.

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