Implementation opinions on promotion of LED and solar photovoltaic industry in Weiyang District, Yangzhou City

The LED and solar photovoltaic industry will further expand the industry chain, enhance the competitiveness, and create regional advantages. According to the development plan of the municipal government from 2007 to 2010, we now propose to promote the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry in our district.
First, the status quo of industrial development
1. The development momentum is strong. There are 9 enterprises in the LED and solar photovoltaic industry in our district, mainly concentrated in the Weiyang Economic Development Zone. Three of them have been put into production, namely Jiangsu Zhongxian Machinery Co., Ltd., the main product of gallium arsenide single crystal rod, production capacity 25 10,000 mm / year, in 2006, the output value of 3 million yuan; Yangzhou Rilida Co., Ltd., the main products of solar photovoltaic cells, production capacity of 5-8 MW / year, output value of 30 million yuan; Yang Jie Electronics Co., Ltd., the main products LED Light-emitting diodes, with a production capacity of 10 million and an output value of 10 million yuan. The six enterprises under implementation are Huwei Photoelectric Co., Ltd., Silicon Valley Photoelectric Co., Ltd., Huihong Electronics Co., Ltd., Berma Technology Co., Ltd., Linyi Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., Wuting Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 650 million. Yuan, it is expected that all production will be effective in the first half of 2008, and the output value will be increased by more than 1.5 billion yuan.
2. The advantages of agglomeration are obvious. From the perspective of the product composition and industrial chain status of existing enterprises, the focus is on monocrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, chips, solar cells and accessories, including 4 single crystal silicon manufacturers, including Zhongxian Machinery and Huwei Optoelectronics. , Silicon Valley Optoelectronics, Huihong Electronics; 3 silicon wafer processing enterprises, including Huwei Optoelectronics, Silicon Valley Optoelectronics, Huihong Electronics; 1 chip manufacturing company, Berma Technology's 12-inch chip; 2 solar cell manufacturers, Including Huwei Optoelectronics, Rilida; 3 parts manufacturing enterprises, including chip raw materials of Linyi materials, quartz crucibles of Wuting Electronics and diodes of Yangjie Electronics. All enterprises are completed and put into production according to the expected targets. There are 140 furnaces, the output of new single crystal silicon rods is 200 tons/year, the number of single crystal silicon wafers is 2.8 million pieces/year, the 12-inch chip is 120,000 pieces/year, and the quartz crucible is 25,000 pieces/year, which can form a certain scale advantage.
3. Increased investment. LED and solar photovoltaic industry is the top priority of investment attraction in our region. It is the main direction of investment in the industry. The company has entered the LED and solar photovoltaic industry to realize product transformation and upgrading. The three companies that have been put into production are used in the LED and solar photovoltaic industries. The investment in research and development is 10 million yuan, and the investment in technical reform is 160 million yuan. The average registered size of the 6 new enterprises being implemented is 80 million yuan, and the total investment is 650 million yuan. In addition, there are a number of hands-on and proposed projects, which will be further implemented. It is estimated that more than 600 million yuan will be invested in 2-3 years. By 2010, the LED and solar photovoltaic industry in our district will invest 2 billion yuan, and the investment scale will account for about 15% of the key technological transformation projects. The development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry will be strong. Further enhancement will surely become the highlight of the new round of industrial development in our district.
4. Independent research and development and introduction are equally important. Focus on joint development, and currently maintain a good cooperative relationship with Haier, Midea, Warburg, Institute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Semiconductor Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University Solar Energy Research Institute, etc.; new product development efforts, Zhongxian Machinery in 2 inches Based on the gallium arsenide single crystal rod, the 4-6 inch GaAs single crystal rod is actively researched and developed. Huwei Optoelectronics strives to extend to downstream products such as solar panels and Led Lighting on the basis of monocrystalline silicon and silicon wafers. Da has owned nearly 30 patents, and its modular solar heat pump hot water system has been rated as a provincial high-tech product, and has been funded by the National Fund in 2006; the technical level has been continuously improved, and Rilita has obtained national high-tech enterprises and municipal-level enterprise technology centers. The title is awarded the provincial famous brand and the provincial famous trademark. Yangjie Electronics has passed the municipal high-tech enterprise certification and built the municipal enterprise technology center and engineering technology center.
In recent years, although the LED and solar photovoltaic industries in our region have achieved rapid development, there are still some weak links:
1. Lack of funds, technology and talents. The development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry is the key, technology is the guarantee, and capital is the foundation. At present, many enterprises encounter the shortage of funds and financing difficulties when entering, which affects the implementation speed; LED and solar photovoltaic industry as emerging industries, There are still technical bottlenecks in many fields, and further breakthroughs are needed, such as battery life, high-efficiency storage of electric energy, and automatic control devices for photoelectric conversion. At the same time, there are fewer professionals, especially professional and technical personnel and skilled workers.
2. The industrial chain is not perfect. Control "polysilicon - single crystal silicon - silicon wafer - solar cells and accessories - solar lighting" and "substrate material - epitaxial wafer - chip - package - application" two industrial chains, epitaxial wafer production, packaging, solar lighting, etc. There is no enterprise entry in the link, and the industrial chain is not thick enough. At present, there are not many enterprises gathering. The existing production capacity of GaAs single crystal rods, monocrystalline silicon, chips, solar cells, etc., production capacity and enterprise scale are not large. Lack of support from a large number of large enterprises.
Second, the development ideas are guided by the scientific concept of development, adhere to the combination of forward-looking and feasibility, in accordance with the development goals of “breaking through the upstream, occupying the highlands, making the middle and large-scale, expanding the application” proposed by the municipal government, taking the enterprise as the main body, the market is Orientation, the government guides, attracts investment to promote factor agglomeration, project investment to lengthen the industrial chain, enhance the competitiveness with scientific and technological progress, rely on the advantages of existing industries, strengthen the absorption, digestion and introduction of advanced technologies and achievements, and re-innovate To be a strong manufacturer of GaAs monocrystalline rods, monocrystalline silicon, chips, solar cells, etc., to promote the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry chain, coordinated development, extension development and integration development, and promote the industry The economy is developing fast and fast.
Third, development goals.
By 2010, the LED and solar photovoltaic materials industry will achieve an output value of 5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 20% of the total industrial scale of the region, 1 billion yuan for technological transformation, an average annual growth rate of 60%, and 20 LED and solar photovoltaic enterprises. 5 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan, the output of gallium arsenide single crystal rods is 400,000 mm / year, 400 tons / year of single crystal silicon rods, 20 million pieces / year of monocrystalline silicon wafers, 250,000 pieces / year of semiconductor chips, solar cells and The assembly is 20 MW/year. Become a regional LED and solar photovoltaic production base with certain comparative advantages.
Fourth, the development focus.
1. Cultivate a group of leading enterprises. Focus on supporting gallium arsenide single crystal rods and slicing production enterprises with Zhongxian Machinery as the main body, solar photovoltaic cell manufacturers with Lida as the main body, chips based on Yangjie Electronics, Berma Technology and Linyi Materials. Chip raw materials and diode accessories manufacturers, with Huwei Optoelectronics, Silicon Valley Optoelectronics, Huihong Electronics, Wuting Electronics as the main single crystal silicon, silicon wafer processing, quartz crucible manufacturers, and then focus on a number of LED and solar photovoltaic industry applications Leading enterprises in the field, by 2010, the output value of key enterprises accounted for more than 80% of the LED and solar photovoltaic industry.
2, the main attack on a number of key technologies. By conquering a series of key technologies, we will do two industry chains, and actively promote the research and development of the LED industry in the fields of epitaxial wafers, packaging, and applications, focusing on the use of vertical gradient solidification (VGF) to grow 4-6 inches. The technology of crystal material solves the heat field design and growth process technology of stable, batch, repeated growth and high yield VGF growth single crystal, 9.6mpa high pressure sealing furnace without leakage structure technology. The solar photovoltaic material industry extends to the downstream of solar lighting, focusing on key technologies such as battery life, high-efficiency energy storage, and photoelectric conversion automatic control devices.
3. Cultivate a group of professional talents. Actively carry out basic training and professional training on LED and solar photovoltaic materials industry, focus on cultivating three types of talents, cultivating a group of entrepreneurs who can promote industrial development and respond to market competition, and cultivate a group of mastering modern science and technology, capable of cracking various types. A team of skilled technicians will cultivate a team of skilled technicians with rich work experience and practical skills.
4. Strive for a group of outstanding brands. Actively promote all enterprises involved in the LED and solar photovoltaic materials industry to register their own trademarks, and actively strive to create national and Shengshi brands, and strive to form a number of influential brand products at home and abroad, in addition to strengthen the declaration of various scientific and technological plans. Applications, especially the National Torch, Spark, 863 and other science and technology plans, while striving for support, expand the visibility of enterprises and products.
Fifth, the main measures
1. Planning guidance. Formulate LED and solar photovoltaic industry development plans, take Weiyang Economic Development Zone as the main body, take existing enterprises as the carrier, and further improve LED and solar photovoltaic according to the requirements of “breaking through the upstream, occupying the highlands, making the middle and large reaches, and expanding the application”. The industrial chain will expand the scale of key products such as GaAs single crystal rods, monocrystalline silicon, chips, solar cells, etc., while focusing on the combination of R&D and introduction, and continuously improve the concentration of LED and solar photovoltaic industry. By 2010, initially LED and solar photovoltaic industry has been cultivated into one of the important industries in our region.
2. Policy encouragement. Combine the industrial “triple” and “double innovation” incentive policies, gradually improve and increase the support for LED and solar photovoltaic industry, focusing on implementing relevant policies of the provinces and cities, encouraging technological innovation, encouraging technological transformation of enterprises, and encouraging enterprises to compete. Create famous brands, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, encourage enterprises to introduce various talents, reward for the "triple" and "double innovation" services, and on this basis, set up special guidance funds to further encourage the mobilization of LEDs and solar energy. The enthusiasm of the photovoltaic industry to accelerate development.
3. Inviting investment. In the new round of investment promotion, we will continue to increase the recruitment of LED and solar photovoltaic industry clusters, accelerate the promotion of LED and solar photovoltaic projects, accelerate the extension of the industrial chain and diversify and serialize products, and encourage existing enterprises and The LED and solar photovoltaic enterprises outside the region will carry out joint ventures and cooperation, increase R&D investment, actively participate in the new round of development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry, and strive to newly develop 3-5 LED and solar photovoltaic industry projects every year. New breakthroughs have been made in projects with a capital of over 100 million yuan or foreign investment of more than 30 million US dollars.
4. Pragmatic service. Strengthen research on the country's macroeconomic situation, take the national macro policy as a positive factor to accelerate development and scientific development, guide the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry to comply with market rules, and actively help enterprises to solve project approval, land supply, capital needs, and talents. The need to introduce and other aspects, to overcome various difficulties that may be encountered in the development process, to create a good development environment for the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry.

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